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Roll up! Roll up! Buy your fake certificate in anything–

A high number of nurses from overseas are employed within the UK, despite 20000  UK student nurses’ education being  paid for by the government  a year. Most of the overseas nurses  are employed within the private sector . Many private nursing home companies , and  NHS trusts, have set contracts with agencies who provide these nurses. Blog evidence provides such comments as “ I am newly qualified, but could not be given a job by the hospital, because they have to take so many nurses from overseas”. HEE explains that whilst some newly qualified nurses are needed, nurses who are more  experienced  are  needed. Do nurses from overseas necessarily have compatible training and experience of UK nurses ?

Fake certificates are very easy to obtain from such countries as the Philippines, Bulgaria, and India- some of which were operating from car parks! Indeed, one may purchase one whilst living in the UK. Recto is the key to unlocking a scam of huge potential significance to nursing in the UK and elsewhere. Recto is  street near  Manila University  where  fake traders provide false passport, marriage certificates, and any fake academic qualification from around the world, forged to an expert quality. This practice also is reported to occur in Eastern Europe.  .

Possessing an approved list of Universities may help, but not stop the problem. In some cases, corrupt individuals at valid Universities have sold certificates. The GMC does have an approved list of Universities for Doctors  in the UK, but the NMC do not answer this question..

Certificates of all levels, including PHD , in all fields, may also be fake. Students  may not have a  degree at all, but come to the UK to do  a higher degree. It is also possible to pay somebody to write the essay or dissertation for you , another worldwide business.

A  nursing degree offers skills in essay writing, along with practical skills . Countries do not provide  equivalent courses. Indeed, there are also differences in course content between UK Universities .

Overseas nurses may not have access to the same up to date equipment, or  have been trained in the use of patient care plans, or treatments. Such regulations pertaining to  human rights and deprivation of liberty will  differ between countries, as  also  will attitudes towards such as pain control. So, despite NMC adaptation training in the UK offering a test or training based on individual needs, it will not necessarily address such differences .

People with fake certificates obtain full references and course descriptions, announcing that they have had full training.

An additional problem of some overseas nurses is the inability to speak or understand English.  The example of the nurse who brought  a bowl of cornflakes when asked for  a kylie sums it up. Why should cabinets on hospital wards have to display signs to enable  overseas nurses to understand what is stored in them ?  Such problems with communication would be more serious regarding medication,  for example. Yet, the NMC declare that it is against human rights legislation  to address this issue, other than requiring overseas nurses  outside  the EU to complete an IELTS in their own country.  If you wish to work as  a nurse in Bulgaria, you must undertake  a 6 months  intensive course in the Bulgarian language; why does not a similar standard apply in the UK?

There is no wonder the NMC do not keep records of  the origin of training of the nurses convicted at hearings, yet they do for such as sexual orientation. The GMC meanwhile do keep such records.

Do people and organisations fail to act because they fear public panic, human rights accusations, or do they support the fact  that overseas nurses are cheaper and complain less? (Dimon 2013). If nurses, or any other professional, come to the UK from overseas they must be individually assessed and adequately prepared and trained.

Through neglect of this issue, we are failing   to protect educational standards in all fields,  and, in areas such as nursing, we are exploiting  overseas nurses . Does this negate the value of all qualifications?

 Carol Dimon, Lenin Nightingale  c

Dimon C (2013) The Commodity of Care Cloister House Press free updates


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Alice in Wonderland and the NHS

It is proposed that the word “private” be replaced by something else- by the government. Direct Orwellian double speak- call it “partnership” and people will fear less.

We already have VIRGIN owned hospitals, hiding behind the NHS logo.

Recall differences between private and statutory sector (also charity owned sector)- many fail to realise;

complaints system in private differs- even harder. Can give you one months notice of leave for complaining ie “we are unable to meet your needs”

Policies differ- NHS policies and requirements , only apply to NHS.

Private sector employs less staff and more overseas staff.

Agenda4change only applies to NHS- so private or even Foundation Trusts, are not required to apply it- this determines staff pay levels.

Whilst some private establishments do provide excellent care, as do NHS, poor care may arise in all establishments at any time. Poor care in the private sector may not hit the national headlines- nor does it result in a Francis report, which only applies to the NHS.

The government ARE aiming for privatisation as ordered by the EU, and many business owners do fund the governement or even, MPs may well have vested interests.

Where private equity trusts are concerned, nobody knows who is the actual owner

Do have references for all of this. See especially lenin2u.wordpress

Stop press

Read, or contribute to, this nursing journal

Why? Independent ie not linked to any organisation, international ie addresses issues that occur in many countries, gives ordinary nurses and care staff, a voice.
Many journals and books, publish only well known authors/ academics/ those linked to renowned establishments (have refs). No disrespect, but a broader, unrestricted, unaffected, perspective is needed.

Nursing Politics in Bed 1

Nursing “does not exist in a vacuum” (Dimon 2013). The approach of the government to society is dictated by politics at the time.This influences social attitudes and priorities. For example; individuals must earn a living, individuals must earn status. They who do not earn and depend on those who do, are unworthy or “skivers”. Darwin- the fittest species survive by cooperation.This is especially reflected within the workhouse era according to the poor law, and the approach towards the unemployed within today’s society.International forces do dicate government policy regardless of which body is in power. So, consider patient care.The nurse or carer at the side of the patient is not solely responsible for poor care. Yet there are exceptions such as sheer abuse.Think wider; who manages the environment? Who owns the establishment? Who dictates? Why are people reluctant to complain? Many staff fear loss of job, repercussions, living on the street and becoming “unworthy”.Resources too depend on politics. Yet so too, do decisions for the allocation of resources.Consider the management structure. Trotsky called for (as did Marx), the return of power to the people; nurses, doctors and domestics- away from managers with profit motives.Think broader; why do individuals adopt a certain political orientation? They may have ulterior motives. Many politicians may not even believe what they themselves say. Others are indoctrinated and support without question. Thinking too, is discouraged.Certain publications are blocked.Thus consider; Who is in charge? Who benefits? Who is blamed? How is care organised? Why is privatisation occuring? Who benefits from privatisation? Who appoints board members of the “independent” NMC and CQC? Are people afraid of caring? Is caring now, a sign of weakness within a market environment? Put politics on the nursing and nurse education agenda. Read G Orwell Animal Farm (1954).Politics do not only exist at number 10 Downing Street.Reference Dimon C (2013) The Commodity of Care Cloister Press