Alice in Wonderland and the NHS

It is proposed that the word “private” be replaced by something else- by the government. Direct Orwellian double speak- call it “partnership” and people will fear less.

We already have VIRGIN owned hospitals, hiding behind the NHS logo.

Recall differences between private and statutory sector (also charity owned sector)- many fail to realise;

complaints system in private differs- even harder. Can give you one months notice of leave for complaining ie “we are unable to meet your needs”

Policies differ- NHS policies and requirements , only apply to NHS.

Private sector employs less staff and more overseas staff.

Agenda4change only applies to NHS- so private or even Foundation Trusts, are not required to apply it- this determines staff pay levels.

Whilst some private establishments do provide excellent care, as do NHS, poor care may arise in all establishments at any time. Poor care in the private sector may not hit the national headlines- nor does it result in a Francis report, which only applies to the NHS.

The government ARE aiming for privatisation as ordered by the EU, and many business owners do fund the governement or even, MPs may well have vested interests.

Where private equity trusts are concerned, nobody knows who is the actual owner

Do have references for all of this. See especially lenin2u.wordpress


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