Research or Not Research?

Some research conclusions-Depression may be due to loss, Short staffing contributes to poor care, Bullying reduces quality of life ,Poor care exists ,Working class children, have less chance of success, Overseas (nurses) English language is poor. I could go on. Point is- could it be  case of “I told you so? Whilst not disputing that some research is essential, has research become an industry, ? Research may be used to exclude the viewpoints of ordinary people. Indeed, agencies will only fund, what they want to fund.




2 thoughts on “Research or Not Research?

  1. Evidence based medicine is essential and only achieved by good ongoing research.
    Much of nursing research is driven by the education industry and is the ‘so what’ ‘I told you so’ industry
    Nursing research is often done to fulfil the continuing professional development (CPD) credits and is often a collection of references and is more a literature review with a bias towards funders interests.
    The views of the general public must satisfy the funders objectives to be included to be included in the conclusions.
    So how much nursing research is necessary and how many patients will benefit from this research

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