References Ahoy!

Have we gone overboard with referencing? Authors /researchers today must support their statements and also avoid plagiarism by the use of references. However, does this not stint original thought?

Earlier works such as Freud or  Darwin did not overuse references, consisting of pure thought. Today as an author, I may have an original idea but find that somebody else has earlier stated it so must reference it to them. Indeed it is so bad, if I do have an original thought, I search the literature to ensure nobody else has had it!! Yet it is not always that such work is found by the author.There are indeed, good points to referencing but not all authors do it. This all concerns the lifting of ideas. When is an idea to be considered plagiarism? If I inform somebody else of my research idea and it is given to another person to research, is this not plagiarism? However, if people research the same topic they will inevitably identify similar sources and similar conclusions. Yet people who do research the same topics, are afraid to collaborate in fear of ideas being stolen. How sad.Further, earlier references are needed for historical analysis. Yet the use of earlier references is frowned upon or neglected by today’s computer searches. Indeed, many computer searches are politically restricted.

Further the availability of references is restricted by some Universities who will not obtain references from abroad due to cost. It is not easy to access the British lending library either. This limits topics and research. Hence, the most commonly available reference is cited.

It seems that the art of thinking is restricted today. Is this because of the fear of challenges to the system?

This links well to the question of, does research actually  limit thought and knowledge? Unless it has been researched by the elite in particular , nobody will consider the result. Yet research is so vulnerable to bias in many ways. What is research in may cases- but the collection of voices? Ordinary voices are being restricted.

As an example, poor care was highlighted many, many years ago. Few would publish it , and few would research it per se.

Sheep 4bit, sheep.

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