Censorship-who cares?

Proof of blocked information either webs blocked or words filtered out see Lenin2u GCSQ or GIBIRU- which seems to be down now.
This applies to much on google.
Why do people accept this?
Are they so trusting of the politicians?
Do they not think- which could well be a political aim according to many writers (Huxley/Nightingale).
Or is it easier to accept the information as given?
Take fracking/fluoride- incorrect information is given and not the full picture- see Lenin2u/RINF/4bitnews/wakingtimes/Icke – all alternative sites which for now we can access.
If cases of poor care are NOT published many may believe it no longer occurs.
Out of sight/out of read means out of mind or non-existent.
We fear for the future of the young.
Give people the true story and they fail to believe it. This has been the problem in care and in life.
Lenin Nightingale and Carol Dimon 2014


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