Cluster’s Last Stand

The information within The book “The Commodity of Care”;, is being blocked by major agencies and some individuals. Sadly many nurses, care assistants and students, want to discuss the issues within it as indicated at a recent conference where I was distributing information.

I do not expect everyone to agree with everything within this work- it all needs further research which I am not in  a position to do.

I do not seek a job

I do not seek promotion

And I do not seek an award.

(There must be  a song like this- or can anybody write it? The ” Quack Club” National Anthem)

I do seek justice and the freedom of information for profession and public.

This issue of “censorship” and personal agendas, so underlies the problems within CARE.

“And there’s more”-

Some major agencies and individuals must cease the politically driven bickering or blocking out of individual research/writing. We write about taboo subjects that have been untouched certainly within the UK. This means they have not been recognised as issues eg culture/fake certificates/ or have not been accepted on the research agenda. Myself I was unaware of such factors until I began this analysis, and until I spoke to others who have worked with many more overseas staff than myself. There are thankfully, many more issues that others are aware of that I am not. To hide behind a sign of “we knew anyway” is not the answer They declare this when it suits and when issues create  a “stink”. There are other writers in other fields who recognise this issue eg David Icke. They need to unite.

30 years ago the issue of poor care -certainly in nursing homes- sadly was not recognised as  a problem, despite ourselves and others, approaching many people and individuals.

I say this as best I can at the moment. If somebody can say it better I would be so grateful.

I have always been- and always will be- a one-off.


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