Is It Becoming Illegal To Care?


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Is it becoming illegal to care?

Consider the headlines- whistleblowers unsupported or there are false accusations against them, a couple in USA charged for daring to give feed to the homeless, homeless people moved from a New York street and also in the UK, mal-treatment of some people with mental illness UK, USA, Romania..

Reasons? Are they a threat? Is it against the affluent image of the town or country? Do politicians aiming for neoliberalism – “each responsible for themselves”- urge us to harbour mal-feelings towards the so called “non contributors?”

The number of “non contributors” in all countries, is increasing due to the increasing wealth of the businessmen who pull the puppet strings of politicians.

Remember the street children killed in Brazil (amnesty 2013) ,shot in a hail of gunfire by the police. These were the real people. So much more worth than police and politicians.

Link to history- does caring actually exist naturally or is it an aim to survive?

Suggested reading- Huxley  A Brave New World, Golding W Lord Of The Flies

Suggested viewing Soylent Green


Zero Hours


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