Dear NMC-

This is written by an experienced RGN Ann Ditch. It seems to echo the voices of many nurses, some of whom are afraid to discuss.

“Many nurses  are afraid to speak out, so we must give them a voice” Ann Ditch

Several references also support some of Ann’s statements.

This is the list  of issues  that the NMC deal with and those who I believe should deal with it.  If found to be guilty they should be  removed from the register and the registrant informed they have/are about to be removed from the register and given time to appeal;

  • dishonesty –(police)
  • patient abuse–(police)
  • lack of competence –(employer who reports for removal from the register)
  • failure to maintain adequate records–(employer who retrains and informs NMC of training and success)
  • incorrect administration of drugs–(employer who retrainsand informs NMC of training and success)
  • neglect of basic care–(is abuse police)
  • unsafe clinical practise–(employer who retrainsand informs NMC of training and success)
  • failure to collaborate with colleagues–(employer)
  • colleague abuse–(police/employer)
  • failure to report incidents – (employer)
  • failure to act in an emergency–(employer if pt suffers- police)
  • accessing pornography –(employer, police &remove from register)
  • violence –(police remove from register)

Employers are using the NMC as a whip and also reporting nurses for ridiculous reasons such as  fell asleep on night duty twice.

Nurses pay £100 a year, soon to go to £120 a year to register and come under this organisation. The NMC say they are there to “Protect the Public”, if this is the case should nurses have to pay to protect the public or should the public through taxes pay   for that protection.

It seems that many employers are using the NMC instead of disciplinary process to avoid Industrial Tribunals.

The NMC itself appears to be a kangaroo court, everyone is guilty. It seems that the case is heard at another meeting and decisions decided.  Also the number of cases heard in a month appears to have a better record than the Crown Court.

Over the last 4 months ALL cases heard are guilty but one where the NMC changed a word from ‘advised to assisted’

April     Cases 211 all guilty except 18 cases postponed or adjourned

May     Cases 225 all guilty except 28 cases postponed or adjourned

June     Cases 215 all guilty except 35 cases postponed or adjourned

July      Cases listed 198 of which 67 have been published as heard with 28 cases postponed or adjourned the rest are guilty or verdict not published

This clearly shows a kanagroo court where anyone appearing has already been found guilty or is rubber stamped guilty

Should nurses pay for this or as its to ‘protect the public’ shouldnt it be a government department and paid for out of taxes


Nurses- over to you.


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One thought on “Dear NMC-

  1. Hi sis
    you hit the nail on the head proper
    someone got done for taking paracetamol for headache
    it is getting ridiculous

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