Gagged freedom of speech

This is  a historical list of individuals who have been gagged from expressing alternative viewpoints. I would like very much people to contribute names please- going back as early as possible. This will be relevant when considering such issues as whistleblowing or freedom of speech or expression, in any way. Carol Dimon

Acknowledgements to individuals for names will be given in brackets.

RC= Rosemary Cantwell.

Going back through history, illustrates that people with alternative views to they in power, have always been erased in some way-

Socrates- imprisoned. Poisoned.

Chief Sitting Bull – native American Indians

Galileo 1610 (RC)

Geordiano  Bruno 1593 astrology (RC)

Romans gladiators-

Henry 8th rule- totalitarian state

John Lilburne (leader of the Levellers UK) 1640s

Murder of they who were deemed to be “witches”

George Jackson- imprisoned. Shot down.

Thomas Aikenhead – blasphemy. Scotland 1697 “‘It is a principle innate and co-natural to every man to have an insatiable inclination to the truth, and to seek for it as for hid treasure.’- very poignant (RC)

Voltaire Paris imprisoned 1700s. Argued for freedom of speech (RC)

Leon Trotsky 1940 killed by an axe in Mexico – Russian revolution, opposed Stalin.

Ghandi 1940s (RC)

Charles Darwin (RC) Theory of evolution saidd to oppose the church. 1850s

Nelson Mandela- imprisoned.

Martin Luther King (RC)

David Walker 1830s spoke out against black slavery (will be others)

Thomas Paine 1800s Author eg The Rights of Man. Born in Norfolk, England.

Tolpuddle Martys 19thC (RC) Dorset ,England

President Lincoln (RC)

Sir Thomas More (RC)

The Holocaust (1940s) eg Anne Frank

O Schindler

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn  Russian  author, expelled from Soviet Union 1974 (RC)

JFK assassinated

Julian Assange (wikileaks) Political asylum since 2012 in the Embassy of Ecuador London.

Malala Yousafzai 2012


Reasons are beginning to be highlighted – opposed religion (control) eg Galileo  Opposed those in power eg Trotsky. Political.

In addition to being silenced, some individuals managed to overcome their opposition and carry on eg  O Schindler/ Thomas Paine.

Despite being silenced by they in power, there are always some who agree with the individual



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