Is There Any Hope For The Future?

I do not wish to do any more with this. Please let me know if you have something to add. Also I am sure there are others who have referred to this issue- I am quite happy to add links. Strength in numbers. Carol Dimon

– ack to a member of the public who refuses to sit and  do nothing

Do you want your children to blame you for the mess of their society?

A quick peruse of the main news today- mainstream and alternative- presents the following topics – whistleblowing, protests, attacks by the police, homelessness, joblessness, immigration,

Go back about 20 years- Scargill (labour) campaigned against pit closures and the destruction of the Unions under Margaret Thatcher’s (conservative rule)

Late 19th Century, Suffragettes campaigned for women’s rights .

William Wilberforce 18th Century opposed  slavery.

Today many protests UK and abroad, face attacks by the police . There are campaigning groups such as Greenpeace but not without police opposition.

We do have social media such as  twitter but for how long?

We do have alternative news sites- that usually do not publish issues not carried by mainstream news eg Lenin2u

So what action has been taken  by us??

Unions- where have you been since the closure of the coal mines ? Some it seems are affiliated to opposing committees (RCN), some sign recognition with business agreements

Charities- many are govt funded and so gagged

Mainstream news- there is evidence of restrictions on what may be published . Many journalists, even local, do not answer correspondence. Nor do some television personalities or companies  .

Alternative  news- seems to be some restrictions on some of these. However, web is also censored- can remove anything at the drop of hat

Your local MP- try him or her- some do not answer. Westminster – you may get an evasive response

Petitions- online, some at the moment, appear to be successful

Some parliamentary hearings are available on what do they know? And many do send questions.

Some have tried to challenge work situations so called “whistleblowers”- they have been antagonised, and the problem is broader than some of them think.

Complaints- many tried but the system blocks them (eg Will Powell).

Campaign groups do exist- some are registered charities and seemingly restricted, some are not but may have hidden affiliations with major political bodies. Many run round wondering who to trust. Further, some individuals may have hidden agendas fuelled by life’s competitive, materialistic society, such as money, accolades, or career progression.

So what awaits our children? Possibly- jobs only for the elite- the wealthy, the Eton trained, due to family inheritance. The poor fighting for survival, labelled as non-contributors and worthless by politicians . The war vets- dumped when they return form fighting “on behalf of their country”. The children trained in school academies, offering subjects only that they “believe” their pupils are capable of achieving. Yes we know, some students from working class environments attend Oxford or Cambridge University. An abundance of fake certificates from the UK and overseas.

They who reach University may not even get a job.

More overseas workers- “cheaper and complain less” .

Less so – called “luxuries” for the poor such as  holidays certainly abroad

More people in prison to profit private prison owners

More children fostered to profit private agencies

No benefits- even for the severely disabled.

Homelessness banned.

Private healthcare or care homes- the wealthy will be fine.

Workhouse – type accommodation for the vulnerable or poor- the homeless will be removed ever more from the streets.

A fence around London- or to divide the South from North- like two separate countries.

Banned thinking

No money—all on card so it can all be traced

Every move detected eg driverless cars/listening televisions

Rebellion may well increase- who can blame them? They who opt out of education see through the veil.

“Trust us” they declare. The doctrine is one of “separateness” – anti-community; each person pursues their own interests at the expense of others.

There are however, some individuals who do oppose such policies by caring for neighbours, or people on the street for example. Is this the only hope?

So people- what could we have done? This has been dripped in – hidden by “weasel words” – for example, “we are not going to privatise the NHS”, “We are empowering you”. No- they are blaming you and making you responsible so their greed can suffocate us all.

We cannot fight by voting- “ when man looked from pig to man, he saw no difference”(Orwell)  – you may join  a committee with good intentions but either agree- or be ostracised and waste your time. Are you a survivor- or are you  a fighter?

There are references for all this for they who argue what is known.

Carol Dimon c 2015







12 thoughts on “Is There Any Hope For The Future?

  1. Charles Darwin referred to survival of the fittest GROUP not INDIVIDUAL. Apply this to society- as Lenin discusses, the working class will be extinguished. Time individuals assisted one another- instead of competing.

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