The Future of the NHS?

From Lenin Nightingale (2015) ” real estate investors” eg pension funds .


One thought on “The Future of the NHS?

  1. When I look around at the Victorian forebears I think of enlightened factory owners who ensured that their workers had a decent home, good food, recreation areas and proper schools for their children. It was in the interests of the factory owner to provide good working conditions and ensure that the workers’ families were healthy and well-educated – at least to a level where they would be able to read and write and be numerate and be able to undertake jobs requiring such skills.

    That was when there was no NHS. These people considered themselves fortunate because they became “model” towns.

    The Welfare State has been with us in some shape or form for hundreds of years. Whilst cynics might say that the NHS has never truly worked – and that the French system is superior, for example – at least it was created with the best of motives and intentions.

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