NHS Privatisation Dilemma- Will it or won’t it?

This post is a simple list concerning the possibility of destruction of the NHS and replacement by privatisation. If you wish to add any other aspects please let me know. Regards Carol Dimon

There are plenty of references available to support these facts.



Foundation Trust hospitals are semi –private with no government  involvement. Can accept more private paying patients than NHS

Many FT’s are now in debt. Set up to be privatised.

Poor care within the NHS does exist as within all areas of care, but it is emphasised politically and publicly. Meanwhile poor care continues within the private sector but it is more difficult to find reports of it within all countries. Many private companies have  a gagging clause for staff.

Real estate investment trusts (See Lenin Nightingale 2015)

Private equity trusts

NHS resources/beds  used by private hospitals

Some care must be private paid for eg super hearing aid or certain medication or certain operations. Lottery NHS.

Private owned hospitals eg VIRGIN still with NHS logo up—

Community care- no longer provided by local council in some districts.

Care homes pay private if have over  a certain amount or pay  a top up

Many MPs invest in private healthcare

Restricted funding to NHS meaning few staff, more overseas staff for example

Hospitals and accident and emergency services at risk

Restricted funding for hospices

Contract given to big businesses even if failing eg CIRCLE or Care UK

Regulations relaxed for private sector


Why privatise?

Profit making

Politicians support their friends who support politicians

Neoliberalism ie blame the individual. Your fault if you cannot pay. You get what you deserve.

Some refer to it as the New world Order- control of governments by higher/business authority . See Icke/Grupp/Kwame Nkrumah/Lenin Nightingale amongst others. The Government is ordered to privatise services.


So what can be done?

Campaign or protest- often overruled by police or politicians- see student fees campaign UK 2014.

News blocked/selected  by mainstream media.

Alternative news sites- some are restricted

Internet- some blocked

Independent campaigners- trust one another and unite.

Some petitions and campaigns have had positive results. Is this giving false hope?

More staff support particularly for whistleblowers, many of whom are persecuted. This could come from Unions and internal as well as external to the establishment. However political factors often prohibit this.

Link up to overseas groups such as paying till it hurts (facebook) USA, and wikihospitals (Australia) to use the information illustrating the failures/dangers  of privatisation.

Replace the political system with one that does not worship big businesses.


4 thoughts on “NHS Privatisation Dilemma- Will it or won’t it?

  1. When I look around at the Victorian forebears I think of enlightened factory owners who ensured that their workers had a decent home, good food, recreation areas and proper schools for their children. It was in the interests of the factory owner to provide good working conditions and ensure that the workers’ families were healthy and well-educated – at least to a level where they would be able to read and write and be numerate and be able to undertake jobs requiring such skills.

    That was when there was no NHS. These people considered themselves fortunate because they became “model” towns. http://www.portsunlightvillage.com/

    The Welfare State has been with us in some shape or form for hundreds of years. Whilst cynics might say that the NHS has never truly worked – and that the French system is superior, for example – at least it was created with the best of motives and intentions.

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