This poem , written by Chief Dan George,  is so very poignant; “all is finished”, “I could no longer give my grandson faith in the past”. What do we leave behind for anybody? Yet destruction of such cultures as the Native American Indians continues. Consider the Aborigines in Australia (see Green left weekly).


7 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. Terrible battles in the USA (2016) – (via Hope Henderson facebook)
    Lenin says- remember the Battle of Wounded Knee html

  2. Juat as Chief Dan George beomoaned the fact that grandchildren will not hear the wolf anymore- we bemoane the fact that our grandchildren will nnot know what it is like to be human. What do we leave our grandchildren? Robots and no jobs, computer games. starvation in all respects, soup kitchens, ready meals, tents on pavements, elderly prisoners in their own homes, no freedom of speech. We have passively allowed our heritage to be taken away from us. Chief Dan Goerge’s poem is a similie of modern age- “not to be human”. What it is to be human is not to be swept along – driven by the profit motive- we have the ability to stop the tide and abando ship ! The sellers of the game redfine humanity- Rise up !
    Humanity is finished.
    Lenin Nightingale

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