Lenin’s Alternative NMC Code for Nurses

This is rather  a “tongue in cheek” alternative code for nurses from Lenin Nightingale. Please add any more suggestions!

The NMC is the nurse registration body that applies to the UK. Feel free to produce one for  a  different country.

NMC to provide free placard for displaying concerns about poor care. Nurses to march outside the hospital/care home

Stand with megaphone at hospital gate voicing concerns.

Nurses to be honest- and contribute to their complaint.

No nurse to complain to managers- go outside the establishment.

Advise people to contact the police if necessary in serious cases of abuse .

Nurse to take photographs of all records if have concerns.

Secretly tape record  any interviews about concerns.

Nurses make honest records eg short staffed so Mrs smith could not be  bathed today.

Make copy/ photograph  of staffing rota if short staffed on that shift.


4 thoughts on “Lenin’s Alternative NMC Code for Nurses

  1. When making a record, do it electronically In “real time” and then state on such and such a time on such and such a date, I witnessed the following and testify that this is accurate and sign it with a digitally-protected password. There should be no “backdating” of records to make it look as though they were contemporaneous.

  2. I agree Nurses must never be tied up,gagged and shut down The NMC is a disgusting company who puts managers, execs, non execs and politicians before patients.
    Nurses must speak out against abuse and if their manager ignores it, then, go elsewhere

    • Harness Human rights for nurses too. Ann, Management will ignore you – and you and I know this. So perhaps another role for all nurses currently left out of the code, is that we need to go out of our way to enlist the assistance of every publicist who passes through our hands as patients! ( I have met many in my years of Nursing). Encourage them to believe that they will be protecting the NHS from destruction by sharing their skills with us.

  3. Both brilliant suggestions. Never thought of protected passwords. Have workers committees running the ward/ care homes – not managers.

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