Think Tank

We have several ideas- as we are sure others do- if anybody wishes to establish them? Please inform us if you have additional ideas for others to adopt or know of some already in progress. . We are not now in  a position to do them ourselves and wish only to improve care.

Care homes

Relatives within care homes / others should be able to pay for  a  vistior of the resident who may take him or her out , simple shopping, etc. This could be done by the relative paying minimum wage for an hour to  a person. It could be done privately or via an agency. Of course additional expenses include petrol for example. If the resident is in somebody’s car- personal insurance is needed plus CRB’s . We know this but it is not out of reach.

Individual and independent advocates : takes the above a step further, Pay a monthly fee to be guaranteed a weekly visit and feedback.

Relatives group- when you visit your relative- why not assess the care? Use the form from Lenin Nightingale . Somebody could coordinate the responses from this.


Pay  a monthly fee to ? solicitor to be guaranteed legal cover if you need it.

Why not establish a totally indpendent union? ie independent of the government.

Why not establish a totally independent nurse University?

Community care

Too many people are without shopping- start  a shopping delivery service/buy a specialised van if you can.

Community cafes- we know of some. We need more. Could combine this with help with form filling and benefit advice.

See Detroitsoup- this may link to this .

Communal allotment- for anybody to grow and anybody to enjoy the produce.

Communal car boot- for all to sell

Establish  a registered charity to open youth clubs- youths also to assist the community.

Swap shop- we know some of these exist. Who wants tuition in exchange for eg a meal out/ a book? What can YOU offer?

Reading service – see RC below

Establish  a charity library full of old books . Offer to obtain books some districts will not obtain (funding). Loan books for  a small fee.

Craft exchange- see RC below. We came across this once.

Start  a “men-in sheds”—- we know there are some


(Apart from capping rents/ stopping sale of council houses —)

Many of the young face  a prospect of nowhere to live apart from with their parents. The consequence of this amongst others, may be becoming carers of their parents or becoming homeless.

Establish  a housing charity to buy cheaper properties that need renovation (could set up  a link with the LA for this).

After improving them; could use an army of volunteers , let the houses out to the young at cheap rents.


Have a group of people who aim to live on £5  a week with no debt. Any spare money to be used to help the others with.


By doing this- we flow with the system and do not try to attack .


20 thoughts on “Think Tank

  1. Set up a system “Food Direct”- distribute unsold food donated by supermarkets to they who need it. By-pass Governemnet controlled agencies.
    Similar “Clothes Direct” to dsitribute childrens clothes and shoes. May help with school uniforms.

  2. From Lenin Trips4U. Use ex-nurses and carers, to take trips out or visit old people in care home or community. Charge £10 a month.
    Establish local groups for relatives of people i care homes to viist (and assess) or advocate.
    “Home Care Out”- a group to visit old people in their own homes and take them out.

  3. Do you have a car boot stall or antiques stall? Many cannot afford the stall fee- why not sell for others at no cost, or a contribution to the stall fee? Do you sell- to live- or sell for profit? Profit for what??

  4. Let’s have a community allotment per street- run by the community for the community. Anybody not able to upkeep their garden? You can have mine anytime- I like courgettes.

  5. So many age 16 or 18, leaving education right now UK- use your initiative, grow and sell flowers etc at the gate or door to door,

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