War of The Campaigners

On behalf of they who try so hard with so much frustration and isolation;

A fundamental problem that influences the delivery of care is neoliberalistic political tendencies creating a society of greed and selfishness where each individual is responsible for themselves. “This is my house and I earned it “. Yes there are some exceptions- even amongst the wealthy. All the campaigning in the world will not erase this attitude to which even sadly, campaigners themselves may succumb. George Orwell stated “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” (goodreads.com)
This is what he was referring to.
How many would – be politicians reflect they who they have fought? How many care managers have accepted the role with good intentions of putting quality of care first?
Some may well be due to restrictions or demand from higher bodies- if you upset the apple cart you are on your own.
Indeed many charities are registered charities and so gagged by they who fund them- primarily the government          ( Sharman 2015 ). “A report released today by the National Council for Independent Action finds that charities hold back their campaigning activities over fears that they could face sanctions.” “He also said that charities and campaigning organisations had raised concerns that hostile politicians will make complaints against them to try to damage their finances or their reputations.” An actual war may well develop between campaigners, who in reality wish to march towards similar ends.

So what are the symptoms of this?
Take note when beginning to revel in speaking at conferences- many will be organised by restricted agencies. Speak out and you will not be invited again.
Take note when you revel in being invited to speak on TV or radio- they too may restrict what you are able to say.
Take note when you revel in receiving an award- they are often a means of silencing people.
Take note when you do not reply to emails from genuine people that offer information or help.
Take note when you exclude they who seem to be challenging similar aspects.

The remedy

The government love to divide the masses in order to rule. People need to unite and support one another. Some campaigners may even end up having their own show .
Too many focus on maintaining themselves at the pinnacle, competing with others, hoping to achieve materialistic gain. Campaigners  beware- you too may become puppets. Remember the cause people.

Marcus Aureleus “Let it Be So”

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Reinhold Niebuhr (brainyquote.com)

Sharman A (2015) http://www.civilsociety.co.uk/governance/news/content/18912/ (source Gerry twitter )

Carol Dimon


14 thoughts on “War of The Campaigners

  1. “if you upset the apple cart you are on your own” Nurses see abuse, witness poor standards but would put their livelihood in jeopardy if they report. Result They keep quiet and are revalidated according to the NMC

  2. So sad that campaigners , authors, researchers, do not support one another (acknowledge) . Competition and Kudos is a terrible disease.

  3. The question of our times, is how to bring together all the various down-trodden peoples of the worlds who believe they are separate victims , but they are really combined, victims of the ruling elite. Lenin2u

  4. Revolution what does this mean? Going round in a circle. So where is a revolution in the thinking of the world’s leaders so that we may all work together in peace and harmony and love and compassion where we help one another?

  5. Regarding YVM- YourVoice Matters (2017);
    Sadly YVM is coming to a close, but the website will continue, as will Ian Cresswell;s research. Despite Jenny Moore’s efforts- as a banned relative- few voices of the masses wish to be involved. The aim was not to be Jenny’s voice –but that of other relatives. Jenny’s skill is in liasing as an “ordinary” person with MPs at Westminster- they certainly would not agree to meet myself!! Jenny was willing to liase on the behalf of others. Now that incredible link has been lost.
    Sadly few wish to speak out due to fear or acceptance- “as long as ‘mother’ is cared for- we do not mind “. Jenny had the strength and understanding to pick up on our work for some reason- we have no connection otherwise to YVM.
    We hope the battle of Jenny continues somehow, along with use of her incredible personality and skills as just Jenny.

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