The Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995: ‘The State shall allow the deployment of overseas Filipino workers only in countries where the rights of Filipino migrant workers are protected. On November 1, 2011, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Governing Board (GB) published Resolution No.7, which specifies a list of 41 countries where Philippinos cannot be deployed for non-compliance with the guarantees required under R.A. 10022. As of November 2011, the POEA lists 125 countries as being compliant with the guarantees.

The UK is a compliant country.

In effect, UK hospitals can place ‘orders’ for Filipino nurses with the POEA, as evidenced on, March 10th, 2015: ‘The demand for Filipino health care professionals in the United Kingdom continues to step-up as 270 more Philippine Overseas Employment Administration-approved job orders were received by a Philippine-based international manpower agency. Following her statement last month about the increased demand for Filipino nurses in the United Kingdom, Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday announced that Omanfil International Manpower Development Corporation has received 270 more job orders for nurses in three UK hospitals. “Apart from the 220 job orders for nurses we have reported in January this year, this latest overseas employment opportunity augurs well to our globally-competitive health care professionals,” said Baldoz. Omanfil Chairman Leonardo B. De Ocampo wrote Secretary Baldoz a letter saying the 270 openings with approved job orders by the POEA are for Whittington Health NHS Trust, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Omanfil International Manpower Development Corporation is a Presidential Awardee of Excellence and as a recipient of this distinction, its job orders are exempted from overseas labor office verification and approval. Recruitment agencies who are conferred with Presidential Awards of Excellence are exempted from evaluation in terms of volume and quality of deployment, technical capabilities, compliance with recruitment rules and regulations, welfare programs and allied services, human resources development plan, industry leadership, marketing capability, social awareness, and proof of responsibility. Baldoz said that with Omanfil’s credence, the overseas deployment of Filipino healthcare professionals will be in good hands’.

Thus, one of the agencies involved in recruiting Filipino nurses for the UK has been exempted from evaluation!!! By whom?, on what process? Has this process been independently scrutinised? There is obviously a process of evaluation, as the POEA cancelled licenses of 55 recruitment agencies in 2014 for unethical recruitment practices. Has the Omanfil International Manpower Corporation undergone the same scrutiny as these other agencies? Who owns Omanfil? Do they have any links to government?

POEA head Hans Leo Cacdac posted the list of non-licensed agencies on his Twitter account, saying these firms violated Philippine migration laws and regulations. To what extent, if any, were these agencies in competition with Omanfil? Have any of the owners of these agencies ever worked for Omanfil, or now do so subsequent to their licenses having been withdrawn?

Cacdac said the recruitment firms include: 1. A-M Phil. Professional Services Corporation 2. Al-Siq International Placement and Manpower Services, Inc. 3. AFT International Manpower Services 4. Aguila Management and Resources Corporation 5. Al-Ahram International Group Services, Inc. 6. Al-Sadiq Manpower Corporation 7. Apex Grande International Labor Agency 8. Asian International Manpower Services Inc. 9. Asmara International Placement Agency, Inc. 10. Batie International Manpower Services, Inc. 11. Bobstar International Recruitment Agency, Inc. 12. B & E Overseas Manpower Services Corporation 13. Chronos International Manpower Corporation 14. Creative Artist Placement Services, Inc. 15. Dalandan International Manpower Inc. 16. Dream Fame International Manpower Corporation 17. Dywen International Manpower Agency 18. Expeditor International Manpower Services Co. 19. Experts Placement Agency Inc. 20. Findstaff Placement Services, Inc. 21. France Asia International, Inc. 22. Global Care International Manpower Services 23. Global Unlimited International Manpower, Inc. 24. Globrec Manpower Services Inc. 25. Gerardo J. Santos Manpower 26. Goodman International Manpower Incorporated 27. IDM Manpower Services 28. Inter-Globe Manpower & Consultancy Services, Inc. 29. Jade Jobwell Philippines, Inc. 30. Japhil 2000 International Agency Corporation 31. Jenar Maritime, Inc. 32. Jovineria Manpower Services 33. Kabayan Ko Overseas Manpower Placement 34. Kookies International Recruitment Agency, Inc. 35. Meccaj Manpower International Services 36. M.G.M International Recruitment Services, Inc. 37. Mind Resources Corporation 38. Nahed International Manpower Services 39. Non-Stop Overseas Employment Corporation 40. Pacific Mediterrenian International Manpower Agency, Inc. 41. Perfect Employment Agency Corporation 42. PERT-CPM Manpower Exponents Company, Inc. 43. Renaissance Staffing Support Center, Inc. 44. Ridzkey Human Resources International Services 45. Sacred Heart International Services, Inc. 46. Sand-dune International Manpower Services 47. Saranay Philippines, Inc. 48. Seven Ocean International Manpower Corporation 49. Sherine Manpower Services, Inc. 50. Sunshine Recruitment Agency, Inc. 51. Sky Top Service Contractors, Inc. 52. Sunshine Recruitment Agency, Inc. 53. Tuem International Manpower Corporation 54. Wandy Overseas Placement Agency, Inc. 55. YMC International Manpower Services.

A perspective from Singapore (, May 19, 2015) … ‘Detective Superintendent Simon Barraclough, who led the (Chua) investigation, … said, “I have no confidence in the qualifications he has provided via the Professional Regulation Commission” (which verifies the qualifications of nurses) … a source close to the Stepping Hill case said: “Vetting of nurses in the Philippines is very, very poor. A lot is done on the word of the Philippines regulatory authorities. They rely on stamped documents as proof of proper qualifications. This is why police can’t be certain that Chua’s qualifications are genuine.” Another said: “We can’t be certain that the Philippines’ Professional Regulation Commission has exercised due diligence with regard to the NHS. Once you have a PRC stamp, you are more or less guaranteed a job in the UK”.

NMC chief executive Jackie Smith said that its vetting system was now “robust” and that her staff insisted on seeing original education documents from prospective foreign nurses.

What is “robust”? The most professionally forged certificates come with a guarantee of not being detected. Insisting on seeing ‘original education documents’ is a statement out of the top bracket of gullibility. (I have previously published links to the websites of bespoke professional forgery gangs).

Testing overseas nurses by webcam is an easily manipulated process. You do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to realise how.

People claiming to be qualified nurses usually have some (or a great deal) of experience of nursing, and can pass practical tests in the UK.

This is not a problem confined to the Philippines. Fake certificates, and all ‘verifying’ documentation, can be bought pertaining to African, Indian, and European ‘qualifications’. (Some of the best nurses I worked with were from the Philippines).

Does the NMC use professional agencies, as in California, to check accreditisation? Do they employ foreign language experts of their own to make enquiries overseas? Or, do the NMC simply rely on a PRC stamp? No prizes for guessing correctly. The NMC’s process of checking nurse qualifications is obviously a sham, if ‘once you have a PRC stamp, you are more or less guaranteed a job in the UK’ (police source!). The PRC stamp mark is as easily forged as any fake document it ‘authenticates’. Do the NMC merely do the equivalent of checking for a British lion mark on an egg?

Have they asked why an agency engaged in the recruitment 490 nurses for UK hospitals has been ‘exempted from evaluation in terms of volume and quality of deployment, technical capabilities, compliance with recruitment rules and regulations? !!!

Are we actually saying that there are no newly qualified UK nurses who could have filled these posts, instead of ‘globally-competitive health care professionals’?

Are Filipino nurses employed on ‘bulk’, minimum pay contracts? Is an advantage of employing any foreign nurse that they can almost be guaranteed not to ‘blow the whistle’, and work any amount of long and unsocial hours?

A common Filipino blog comment is: UK checks should be more stringent … ‘We are talking about the nursing profession here, not just some boring office secretary typing on her keyboard with red polished nails’.

My general impression is that the NMC is checking for red polished nails.

An overiding impression is that something stinks, and there should be a government enquiry into the whole sorry business of UK nurses being trained without a guarantee of a NHS job, and the conveniently easy system of ‘globally-competitive health care professionals’ being bought, as clothes from a hanger, marked with a PRC stamp, with the assistance of an ‘exempt’ agency.

I call for the urgent checking of all documentation, by an independent, professional agency, of the 490 Filipino nurses recently fast-tracked into UK jobs.

lenin nightingale 2015



  1. To put it simply- Overseas nurses (whether from Philippines/eslewhere) are coming in by thousands- constant supply to Uk via agencies-
    Evidence above- Filippino nurses are fast tracked into UK with PCR aproval ,
    55 recruitement agencies in the Philipines have had their licenses withdrawn. Agencies from the Philppines are exempt from standard UK checks according to references provided by Lenin above. See the comment above from a Detective Superintendent. Why does the NMC have trust in this PRC stamp? .
    And the UK is silent.
    As Lenin concluded- does it matter – if they can do the job with compassion?

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