The bogeyman speaks of fear: Social care isn’t free to everyone. Councils have a limited amount of money. if your needs are assessed as low or moderate you may not be entitled to free care. Many individuals may not qualify for government support. The bogeyman offers a £1000 per week alternative: We welcome residents who choose to fund their own care or top up their government entitlements (Flash the cash!) … many of our new care homes provide a premium offering .. elegant environments … full of passionate, exceptional people … (pass the sick bag!) .. high quality facilities … cinemas, coffee shops and gift stores (buy it here, rip-off prices!) … nursing, residential and dementia care under one roof (once you’re in, you’re really in!) … highly trained team (certificate stamped in the Philippines!) … delicious food ( you mean it isn’t in all nursing homes!) … landscaped, secure gardens (no escape from Colditz!) … visit our marketing suite (honestly, our reps are not ex car salesmen!)

All the UK will end up with is posh care homes for the rich and care home dumps for the poor, which, themselves, will disappear, as will tax credits, with the neocon government stating that state involvment with ‘the market’ is inappropriate – you should have made provision for your own care costs.

For African-American sustitute working class:

Racial and socioeconomic disparities are widespread in U.S. nursing homes, new Brown University research shows, with 40 percent of African-American nursing home residents living in low-tier facilities. Comparatively, 9 percent of whites live in low-tier homes, which operate with limited budgets and serve high concentrations of residents whose care is subsidized by Medicaid, the government health program for the poor and disabled.

These low-tier facilities employ significantly fewer registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and other well-trained staff, researchers found. The facilities were more likely to change ownership Ð a sign of financial or managerial problems. These homes were much more likely to serve the mentally ill and mentally retarded.

Researchers found these homes were more often cited for health-related deficiencies, such as serious bed sores and unnecessary use of restraints.

The result: A two-tiered system of care for America’s elderly that can be found in virtually every state. (Are you so blind as not to see this is happening in the UK? Do you care? Do you see anything past your next meal, your next pint of beer?).

Vincent Mor, chairman of the Department of Community Health at Brown Medical School and the lead study author, said that the disparity is caused by economic forces. Low-tier facilities rely mainly on Medicaid reimbursements, which are lower than those paid out by Medicare, the federal insurance program for the elderly. Low-tier nursing homes serve few, if any, residents who pay higher rates through their own insurance or savings.

“People in low-tier homes have always been poor or simply exhausted their resources and can’t pay for better care,” Mor said. “African-Americans are five times as likely to be poor at this age, so you can’t separate poverty from race.”

Neither can you seperate poverty from being working class, who, at best, have just enough equity in their homes for it to be stolen to pay for their third-rate care, after a lifetime of paying taxes, because the bogeyman tells you there is no government money, but does not mention that physical money hardly exists in comparison to what is created in a computer, and those who control what is created control you, through mass deception, and your fear of the bogeyman; and that fear is so great that you will be like this woman – After visiting my mother each time, the drive back to St. Louis was always tough. Many times I found myself having to stop at a rest stop to ball my eyes out knowing she wasn’t in the best of care and felt that the nursing staff was NOT there for her best interest. If I could have afforded it and if she had been in better health, I would have moved her to St. Louis. She died peacefully on a warm August day as I was there by her side holding her hand. At least in death, she was with someone who carEd about her – because of your fear of the bogeyman; you are walking like lambs to the slaughter to an American system, where the private equity firms which manage care homes are looking to jump ship from council funded care, the UK equivalent of Medicaid – typically a facility will lose money on a per day basis. The last I read the state of Florida paid 20 something less than the cost it takes to take care of a resident. I’m talking about on a per day per resident basis. Therefore if you have 50 Medicaid patients if we use 20 dollars even. They would lose 365,000 on those Medicaid patients – and then what happens?, but don’t lose sleep over that, because whatever happens will be decided by the bogeyman, and he knows best, and, anyway, nothing nasty will ever happen to me or my mother or father because, well, it just will not happen to me, I’m special, an exception to the rule, and if something nasty falls from the sky, that’s fine, that’s fate, what can I do about it? baaaaagh, baaaaaagh, and surely everyone will be kind to gran – ‘My grandma had to go into a nursing home to have rehabilitation. When she was there their care for the patient was horrible. If she needed anything in her room it took well over an hour to be helped. Then one day she needed help out of her bed and they didnt come, needing to use the restroom very badly she attempted to get up herself and she fell and broke her hip. The nurse simply said that she should have waited – and, anyway, I can wait a hour or so for care, I don’t mind if the scarce staff can’t understand me – not only are staffing levels poor, but the staff that most nursing homes have are terrible. Many of the nurses aides don’t speak English or speak it so poorly, that it is difficult to understand what they are saying. Unfortunately the profits are more important than the patients. It’s time to take profit out of healthcare’- and anyway, my dad was a war vet, he’s bound to be treated well – ‘Our local nursing home is the New York State Veteran’s Home. Having worked there 18 years, I saw them turn from a caring home to a business oriented institution. The facility has an office the sole purpose of which is to research for, write up, and follow up on grants. Only those who can be billed for the skilled nursing level are admitted. Almost no one smiles or talks as they proceed down the halls. The staffing level of direct care personnel on all levels has been significantly cut. This necessitates mandatory overtime to be liberally imposed. Workers who sign up for a couple slots of overtime per week can possibly avoid being forced to stay and work after their shift when they need to be somewhere else. But there is no guarantee. Management said that the state directed that the nursing staff would be “doing more with less”. The level of care has raised significantly throughout the 242 bed facility. For at least 28 years, this NY State run institution has operated it’s nursing department using worn out, unwilling overtime caregivers. Mandatory overtime is apparently a permanent staffing solution. Seems like a poor choice for the patients and the staff. Back, shoulder, neck, etc. injury rates are quite high. Thus creating a whole new group of disabled citizens’.

Are you so blind as not to see this is happening in the UK? Do you care? Do you see anything past your next meal, your next pint of beer?

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Who owns the individual?

Political enforcements- who owns my child? Who owns the person?

“Our way- or no way”. Room 101 (Orwell ) is nigh.

This follows one of many discussions with people out here who have cleared their spectacles;

Vaccines see USA /Australia
Medication- see USA

Refusal of blood transfusions

Choice of alternative therapies

Use of cannabis for pain etc

Care homes- UK /USA/Australia eg banning of relatives or notice of leave to the resident

Particular sources;
Lenin Nightingale

Medicalkidnap- facebook

Anybody who wishes to add may do so!

Could the Nurse have a Fake Certificate ?

List of signs to recognise potential nurse with fake certificates;

Nurse who follows you round all shift asking you to explain what you are doing
Nurse who fetches a bowl of cornflakes not  a kylie
Nurse who fails to ring the doctor when asked
Avoids doing anything in the diary
Avoids doing certain wound dressings–

Takes hours over medicine round

Not able to check drug doses
Not able to check IVs S/Cs
Gives the wrong insulin
Does medications alone so not checked
Other staff  find medications in sharps bin
Unable to give catheter care
Not able to insert a catheter
Avoids answering questions about patients
Avoids patients families
Agrees with everything and never questions
Prefers to work on the night shift
Please submit other signs.

Lenin and Ann Ditch


slavery-1-537x402The ‘General Agreement on Trade in Services’ (GATS) was formulated in 1995. It came about to help corporations to make profits from the huge growth in the services economy, which accounts for 60% of global output, 30% of employment, and nearly 20% of global trade.

This is very profitable for the agencies involved. Buying and selling’ of service sector workers can be likened to the slave trade of old, in which the cheapest source of labour (African slaves) were shipped to countries that exploited them in the name of profit.

The modern Filipino slave does receive a wage, is not whipped, flogged, hanged, or castrated, and is generally better off than they would be in the Philippines. They receive the bare minimum paid to their UK equivalent, and are expected to work long hours without complaining, and without joining a union.

The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) means that under Mode 4 member countries adopt policies on the temporary inward mobility of service sector workers.

This means that they allow quasi-permanent migration of low wage service sector workers, such as nurses and care assistants.

The UK is a member of GATS, and there has been an increase in the number of work permits granted for foreign workers since 2012.

This has increased the cost to the UK in terms of providing education and welfare for migrant workers and their families.

Foreign workers entering the UK under Mode 4 are not counted in immigration statistics.

There is no definition of temporary. Contracts can be renewed.

Existing migrants lose in terms of real incomes as real wages fall slightly with the increased labour supply (Walmsley, Winters, Parsons and Ahmed 2005).

Newly qualified UK nurses are not given (incremental-salary) jobs.

Allowing for drop-out rates, circa 30,000 newly qualified UK nurses will enter the job market in the years 2013-2015.

As in America (According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, US nursing schools produced close to a million nurses from 2006 to 2011), and Australia, there is no shortages of nurses. This is a myth spread by the government, who is obliged to take a quota of Mode 4 nurses under GATS.

Groups with vested interests such as the RCN (who represent the nurse lecturing industry) propagate the myth of nurse shortage.

In September 2013, the British Embassy in Manila called for the signing of a free trade agreement (FTA) between the Philippines and the European Union (EU). There followed a series of Southeast Asian trade forums “that seek to help small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from trading arrangements,” which was held at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). During the forum, British Embassy in Manila charge d’affaires Trevor Lewis noted how the project can help small and medium enterprises [SMEs] “raise the utilization of existing concessions with its FTA partners to boost the country’s gains from global trade.”

Such companies as UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) assist UK-based companies to establish themselves in the Philippines through ‘expertise and contacts through its extensive network of specialists in the UK, and in British embassies and other diplomatic offices around the world’.

The Philippine British Business Council (PBBC) ‘offers UK companies (exporters or potential investors) the chance to gain exposure in the market, research further opportunities and of course enjoy key introductions to senior business contacts utilising our wide range of business and government networks. The programme will include several networking events, briefings at key Government departments and business introductions. There is also the opportunity to add additional meetings utilising the PBBC’s contacts and services offered by the British Chamber of Commerce for the Philippines (BCCP)’.

A British company might wish to establish a nursing agency in the Philippines, and consult such as ‘Nursing Agency Consulting Service, A division of NursePartners’ who offer ‘Tips for American and foreign nursing agencies thinking of sponsoring Philippine nurses’.

Transact nurse recruiting process only who are registered and license by POEA. (The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is a government agency the registers and regulates recruitment agencies for Overseas Filipino Workers).

Use the official registered address for the Philippine recruitment agency to conduct business.

A British company might become an affiliate under the NursePartners Affiliate Program:

Your company must hold the necessary requirements to be a healthcare recruiting firm such as insurances and business licenses. Our guide will teach you “how.”

Your company is completely independent from NursePartners. This affiliate program is not mandatory.

NursePartners will assist your company in placing your candidates for a split fee commission. (40/60)

Your company is not obligated to share candidates with NursePartners.

For example: Let’s say you have a pharmacist candidate and the pharmacist wanted to move to a different state or just to a different healthcare company. If your company are unable to place your candidate and NursePartners successfully place your candidate for $90,000.00 per year and If NursePartners negotiated 20% commission with a healthcare facility, then the commission total is $18,000.00. Your company receives $10,800.00 in commission and NursePartners receives $7200.00.

The British company (using a registered address in the Philippines) need not overly concern itself about checks on the validity of certificates on those it recruits. As an example, the NMC deploy 8 out of its 660 staff to check nursing certificates for a PRC stamp – ‘Detective Superintendent Simon Barraclough, who led the (Chua) investigation, … said, “I have no confidence in the qualifications he has provided via the Professional Regulation Commission” (which verifies the qualifications of nurses) … a source close to the Stepping Hill case said: “Vetting of nurses in the Philippines is very, very poor. A lot is done on the word of the Philippines regulatory authorities. They rely on stamped documents as proof of proper qualifications. This is why police can’t be certain that Chua’s qualifications are genuine.” Another said: “We can’t be certain that the Philippines’ Professional Regulation Commission has exercised due diligence with regard to the NHS. Once you have a PRC stamp, you are more or less guaranteed a job in the UK’.

A trade based on lies and deception.

Slave ship recruiters sail under a Philippines flag of convenience.

The NMC may as well employ the office cleaner to check certificates.

The quota of foreign nurses has already been agreed. It’s a workers for trade pact.

UK nursing students are innocent pawns in a game of vested interest.

The UK government might as well stop paying (£70,000 per student) for the training of nurses, and admit it is cheaper for hosital-trusts-as-business to import foreign ones.

A report in (April 2014) points to serious concerns about officials in the Philippines being open to bribery: ‘Anti-corruption has been a high political priority under President Aquino’s administration … However, the effects of President Aquino’s anti-corruption works are still minor … The New York Times reports in August 2013 that the Aquino government is now facing great pressure from citizens for failing on its promise of fighting rampant corruption … Corruption is said to take place at all levels of the government, but it is more rampant among high-level civil servants. For businesses, it is important to note that the country’s complex, sometimes contradictory regulatory regime leaves room for corrupt civil servants to attempt to extract bribes … There is a lack of transparency in the Philippines’ public procurement, and bribes are often demanded from companies wishing to win government contracts, as shown by the Survey of Enterprises on Corruption 2014. Another sector in which companies are particularly vulnerable is obtaining licenses and permits; the Survey of Enterprises on Corruption 2014 shows that the most common type of private sector corruption was bribing local government officials in return for licenses and permits in 2012 and 2013 … It is also important for companies to keep in mind that gifts and favours are forbidden in the code of conduct and are defined as bribes by the Revised Penal Code (Art. 210). The Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act forbids officials from receiving gifts (sect. 3). However, Global Integrity 2010 states that the regulations governing gifts and hospitality offered to civil servants are poorly enforced in practice‘.

There should be a government enquiry into all aspects of the recruitment of foreign nurses (and doctors, etc.) to the UK.

There will be no such enquiry.

The media will be warned off.

The wider context of the use of Mode 4 exploitation is explained by Daniel Morley (22 April 2014,

‘The epoch of world growth fueled by globalisation is over. Two giant free trade deals are being thrashed out which would place the United States at the centre of its own strategically drawn up domain, stretching from both sides of the pacific to Eastern Europe. But far from being a means to open up the world to a further intensification of trade and to liberate capitalism from its own fetters, these deals engineered by US imperialism in its own interests would carve up the world into two or more power blocs waging economic war with one another. It is protectionism masquerading as free trade.

Free trade and protectionism are not mutually exclusive opposites, but are two sides of the same capitalist coin, indispensable policies in its war for profit. The US likes to preach against the Chinese state’s protection of its own capitalism, just as Britain did to Europe 150 years ago, but in their day both America and Britain applied state protection to build up their own capitalism to the point where it could dominate others without help. Protectionism was and is used to create an internal free market, i.e. one free from ‘unfair’ international competition, and likewise free-trade is today imposed onto weaker countries to ‘protect’ American and European firms from ‘unfair’ Chinese competition. The two policies condition and turn into one another’.
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Ignored news- or is it Propaganda?

Ignored news UK at least
Yes- most major bodies , individuals and organisations and even overseas agencies were informed we have emails;
Fake certificates 2012 Lenin
No jobs for newly qualified nurses 2/3 in UK and USA/Australia all Lenin 2012/Carol Dimon
Stolen raw body parts
Blood plasma and privatisation-
Nurses education

We do not object to anybody picking these issues up for further analysis but do not rely on a simple search !

Unsure why alternative news sites fail to pick up- may “upset their market”.

Anybody wish to add to the list ?

Hope : The Young

This is related to this site and I do not know where else to put it. We are now going to focus on the young and their future as you see, much is interlinked. We cannot help ourselves but we hope we can help the young.

One major aspect is careers. There have of late been some exceptional attempts at gaining experience; in the politically driven competetiveness of today –  a good CV counts. In England all have to remain in some form of education or employment until aged 18. There is litle potential of owning one’s own property also– another issue. Tents are incoming.

We have  a 15 year old who identified  a new planet- he had the initiative to write to Keele University asking for 2 weeks work experience . Like to know if this was a one off initiative ? Abli (2015)–1000-light-years-away-from-earth-10313228.html

Intiatives such as this are ever more harder today.

Recall Pete Stringfellow first approached  a Sheffield Church to allow him to hold his disco evenings— how many regulations do we have against this today?

We know Richard Branson is another example  and their are others.

But should all such examples involve making money  as profit ?  “Quoting findings from the Cassandra report, the blogger says nearly half of teenagers in the UK and the US want to volunteer, 32% have already donated money and just over one in 10 want to start a charity” (ibid).

“Mary Grace Henry was aged 12 when she launched her social business Reverse the Course. After finding out some girls in Uganda are unable to go to school because of financial or cultural reasons, she asked her parents for a sewing machine. She taught herself how to sew and started making headbands, which she sold to raise money for Ugandan girls. She has raised $200,000 over the last few years” (ibid).

There are many volunteering opportunites alone or with groups such as Lattitude or VSO

Whilst some may regard it as cheap labour, some are grateful for the experiences. However payment from the young person is required for the trip.

Nurse Education: Beware the Propaganda Detector!

Education in many spheres, involves the delivery of propaganda. As nursing students in the political arena of nursing, you may be privy to some of this? Here are some examples of propaganda heard in nurse education- whether lecturers are aware of it or not- some bright students do realise;

Propaganda heard in nurse education to students-

The Department of Health is always correct.

 There is no poor care in nursing- Mid staffordshire was  a one – off

 Get on with it – you will come across worse when you qualify.

 You must never go to the press or outside the establishment

You employer will tell you what the complaints procedure is.

 NHS policies apply also to care homes.

Students – “Do not refer to articles/books/research that are written more than 10 years ago– .”

We look forward to receiving more examples from brave students/nurses/lecturers.

You can remain anon of course- if you wish promotion within this field.

Useful references;