Nurse Education: Beware the Propaganda Detector!

Education in many spheres, involves the delivery of propaganda. As nursing students in the political arena of nursing, you may be privy to some of this? Here are some examples of propaganda heard in nurse education- whether lecturers are aware of it or not- some bright students do realise;

Propaganda heard in nurse education to students-

The Department of Health is always correct.

 There is no poor care in nursing- Mid staffordshire was  a one – off

 Get on with it – you will come across worse when you qualify.

 You must never go to the press or outside the establishment

You employer will tell you what the complaints procedure is.

 NHS policies apply also to care homes.

Students – “Do not refer to articles/books/research that are written more than 10 years ago– .”

We look forward to receiving more examples from brave students/nurses/lecturers.

You can remain anon of course- if you wish promotion within this field.

Useful references;


7 thoughts on “Nurse Education: Beware the Propaganda Detector!

  1. This is all so true. I would add that care homes don’t only use the same policies as NHS They add their own Usually a lot of rubbish

  2. Aristotlean syllogism eg person-centred care. Does not apply to all people- consider culture and personality traits. About 20% of population are of the Steppen Wolf character (Hesse) – withdrawn. Students are not encouraged to consider opposing theories.

  3. Reminds me of a UK case- nursing student received poor ward placement report. She had challenged a senior nurse who ordered her to concentrate on giving meals out, and give a lady her dinner in a wet bed (incontinence). The senior tutor wisely tore the report up when the student dare to explain how she had challenged the nurse. More examples anybody ?

  4. Update- some Universities dictate which references may be used, or which pieces of work may be read ie certain journals banned, certain data bases, certain web sites, certain authors. .

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