Hope : The Young

This is related to this site and I do not know where else to put it. We are now going to focus on the young and their future as you see, much is interlinked. We cannot help ourselves but we hope we can help the young.

One major aspect is careers. There have of late been some exceptional attempts at gaining experience; in the politically driven competetiveness of today –  a good CV counts. In England all have to remain in some form of education or employment until aged 18. There is litle potential of owning one’s own property also– another issue. Tents are incoming.

We have  a 15 year old who identified  a new planet- he had the initiative to write to Keele University asking for 2 weeks work experience . Like to know if this was a one off initiative ? Abli (2015) http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/15yearold-on-work-experience-at-keele-university-discovers-a-new-planet–1000-light-years-away-from-earth-10313228.html

Intiatives such as this are ever more harder today.

Recall Pete Stringfellow first approached  a Sheffield Church to allow him to hold his disco evenings— how many regulations do we have against this today?

We know Richard Branson is another example http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/197616  and their are others.

But should all such examples involve making money  as profit ?

http://www.theguardian.com/voluntary-sector-network/2015/jun/19/philanthroteens-young-people-who-use-their-pocket-money-to-change-the-world?CMP=soc_568  “Quoting findings from the Cassandra report, the blogger says nearly half of teenagers in the UK and the US want to volunteer, 32% have already donated money and just over one in 10 want to start a charity” (ibid).

“Mary Grace Henry was aged 12 when she launched her social business Reverse the Course. After finding out some girls in Uganda are unable to go to school because of financial or cultural reasons, she asked her parents for a sewing machine. She taught herself how to sew and started making headbands, which she sold to raise money for Ugandan girls. She has raised $200,000 over the last few years” (ibid).

There are many volunteering opportunites alone or with groups such as Lattitude or VSO



Whilst some may regard it as cheap labour, some are grateful for the experiences. However payment from the young person is required for the trip.


7 thoughts on “Hope : The Young

  1. Newcastle had a careers day for year 6 They were taught how to write a CV and advised on school subjects
    It was amazing the careers these 10/11 year olds would like to follow

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