Could the Nurse have a Fake Certificate ?

List of signs to recognise potential nurse with fake certificates;

Nurse who follows you round all shift asking you to explain what you are doing
Nurse who fetches a bowl of cornflakes not  a kylie
Nurse who fails to ring the doctor when asked
Avoids doing anything in the diary
Avoids doing certain wound dressings–

Takes hours over medicine round

Not able to check drug doses
Not able to check IVs S/Cs
Gives the wrong insulin
Does medications alone so not checked
Other staff  find medications in sharps bin
Unable to give catheter care
Not able to insert a catheter
Avoids answering questions about patients
Avoids patients families
Agrees with everything and never questions
Prefers to work on the night shift
Please submit other signs.

Lenin and Ann Ditch


6 thoughts on “Could the Nurse have a Fake Certificate ?

  1. Unable to insert a cannula
    Dont check IVs
    Go off duty exactly on time
    Leave other staff to write up
    Dont know anatomy & physiology
    Dont know drug classification
    Ignore drug reactions
    Dont know aseptic technique
    Dont report changes in pts condition
    Dont do observations
    and many more

    • A newly qualified nurse apologises a thousand times a day. Within a week they can be seen to be matching their training to the work situation. They start accepting responsibility. They will do daily reports (often reams of it) Theyre happy to be supervised, asking questions at each step. They are happy to talk about their training, where they did it and about their cohort & what they are doing

  2. Some overseas countries have different methods for pain control (as a RCN study confirms)- analgesia patches such as Fentanyl may remain unchanged for a couple of weeks or they may not be removed when the new one is attached.

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