The bogeyman speaks of fear: Social care isn’t free to everyone. Councils have a limited amount of money. if your needs are assessed as low or moderate you may not be entitled to free care. Many individuals may not qualify for government support. The bogeyman offers a £1000 per week alternative: We welcome residents who choose to fund their own care or top up their government entitlements (Flash the cash!) … many of our new care homes provide a premium offering .. elegant environments … full of passionate, exceptional people … (pass the sick bag!) .. high quality facilities … cinemas, coffee shops and gift stores (buy it here, rip-off prices!) … nursing, residential and dementia care under one roof (once you’re in, you’re really in!) … highly trained team (certificate stamped in the Philippines!) … delicious food ( you mean it isn’t in all nursing homes!) … landscaped, secure gardens (no escape from Colditz!) … visit our marketing suite (honestly, our reps are not ex car salesmen!)

All the UK will end up with is posh care homes for the rich and care home dumps for the poor, which, themselves, will disappear, as will tax credits, with the neocon government stating that state involvment with ‘the market’ is inappropriate – you should have made provision for your own care costs.

For African-American sustitute working class:

Racial and socioeconomic disparities are widespread in U.S. nursing homes, new Brown University research shows, with 40 percent of African-American nursing home residents living in low-tier facilities. Comparatively, 9 percent of whites live in low-tier homes, which operate with limited budgets and serve high concentrations of residents whose care is subsidized by Medicaid, the government health program for the poor and disabled.

These low-tier facilities employ significantly fewer registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and other well-trained staff, researchers found. The facilities were more likely to change ownership Ð a sign of financial or managerial problems. These homes were much more likely to serve the mentally ill and mentally retarded.

Researchers found these homes were more often cited for health-related deficiencies, such as serious bed sores and unnecessary use of restraints.

The result: A two-tiered system of care for America’s elderly that can be found in virtually every state. (Are you so blind as not to see this is happening in the UK? Do you care? Do you see anything past your next meal, your next pint of beer?).

Vincent Mor, chairman of the Department of Community Health at Brown Medical School and the lead study author, said that the disparity is caused by economic forces. Low-tier facilities rely mainly on Medicaid reimbursements, which are lower than those paid out by Medicare, the federal insurance program for the elderly. Low-tier nursing homes serve few, if any, residents who pay higher rates through their own insurance or savings.

“People in low-tier homes have always been poor or simply exhausted their resources and can’t pay for better care,” Mor said. “African-Americans are five times as likely to be poor at this age, so you can’t separate poverty from race.”

Neither can you seperate poverty from being working class, who, at best, have just enough equity in their homes for it to be stolen to pay for their third-rate care, after a lifetime of paying taxes, because the bogeyman tells you there is no government money, but does not mention that physical money hardly exists in comparison to what is created in a computer, and those who control what is created control you, through mass deception, and your fear of the bogeyman; and that fear is so great that you will be like this woman – After visiting my mother each time, the drive back to St. Louis was always tough. Many times I found myself having to stop at a rest stop to ball my eyes out knowing she wasn’t in the best of care and felt that the nursing staff was NOT there for her best interest. If I could have afforded it and if she had been in better health, I would have moved her to St. Louis. She died peacefully on a warm August day as I was there by her side holding her hand. At least in death, she was with someone who carEd about her – because of your fear of the bogeyman; you are walking like lambs to the slaughter to an American system, where the private equity firms which manage care homes are looking to jump ship from council funded care, the UK equivalent of Medicaid – typically a facility will lose money on a per day basis. The last I read the state of Florida paid 20 something less than the cost it takes to take care of a resident. I’m talking about on a per day per resident basis. Therefore if you have 50 Medicaid patients if we use 20 dollars even. They would lose 365,000 on those Medicaid patients – and then what happens?, but don’t lose sleep over that, because whatever happens will be decided by the bogeyman, and he knows best, and, anyway, nothing nasty will ever happen to me or my mother or father because, well, it just will not happen to me, I’m special, an exception to the rule, and if something nasty falls from the sky, that’s fine, that’s fate, what can I do about it? baaaaagh, baaaaaagh, and surely everyone will be kind to gran – ‘My grandma had to go into a nursing home to have rehabilitation. When she was there their care for the patient was horrible. If she needed anything in her room it took well over an hour to be helped. Then one day she needed help out of her bed and they didnt come, needing to use the restroom very badly she attempted to get up herself and she fell and broke her hip. The nurse simply said that she should have waited – and, anyway, I can wait a hour or so for care, I don’t mind if the scarce staff can’t understand me – not only are staffing levels poor, but the staff that most nursing homes have are terrible. Many of the nurses aides don’t speak English or speak it so poorly, that it is difficult to understand what they are saying. Unfortunately the profits are more important than the patients. It’s time to take profit out of healthcare’- and anyway, my dad was a war vet, he’s bound to be treated well – ‘Our local nursing home is the New York State Veteran’s Home. Having worked there 18 years, I saw them turn from a caring home to a business oriented institution. The facility has an office the sole purpose of which is to research for, write up, and follow up on grants. Only those who can be billed for the skilled nursing level are admitted. Almost no one smiles or talks as they proceed down the halls. The staffing level of direct care personnel on all levels has been significantly cut. This necessitates mandatory overtime to be liberally imposed. Workers who sign up for a couple slots of overtime per week can possibly avoid being forced to stay and work after their shift when they need to be somewhere else. But there is no guarantee. Management said that the state directed that the nursing staff would be “doing more with less”. The level of care has raised significantly throughout the 242 bed facility. For at least 28 years, this NY State run institution has operated it’s nursing department using worn out, unwilling overtime caregivers. Mandatory overtime is apparently a permanent staffing solution. Seems like a poor choice for the patients and the staff. Back, shoulder, neck, etc. injury rates are quite high. Thus creating a whole new group of disabled citizens’.

Are you so blind as not to see this is happening in the UK? Do you care? Do you see anything past your next meal, your next pint of beer?

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9 thoughts on “TWO TIER CARE HOMES

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  2. I have worked in many care homes and have always said suicide is a better option than a care home. At least with suicide you decide on your death, when, where and how it will happen.
    In a care home you are killed off as slowly as possible to ensure that the profit before care companies get as much as they can for as long as they can.
    Care homes are deaths waiting rooms

  3. No-tier for the working class- news – Domcaster to stop funding residents to live in care homes unless severly ill-
    Does this mean 2 days from death ?
    Implications- all care homes in Doncaster may close- as no individuals to replace residents who die, will present funding of exisiting residents be ceased, more residents admitted to and remain in hospital. no community care, people left to die in their own homes- see what happens in Japan- see book updates The commodity of Care. Will there be more reliance on private agencies who provide care ? People fail to react angrily enough to such actions. Rise up and fight ! What is the moiney spent on Domcaster council- if Not care of individuals ?
    The end of civil society as we know it. Are we run by people with alien hearts ?
    Doncaster- Area 51- experimental area for the whole country.
    The Government requirement that all care be put out to private tendor- should be banned.

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