Deep searching for literature

Written by Carol Dimon.

Lenin Nightingale finds information that few can. Often it is little known of , certainly publically, or he compiles it himself. As a consequence, few believe what he writes despite providing  as many references as he can find. Supported by other articles in this blog and elsewhere, much information today is censored/hidden/deliberately does not exist. Just because something is not written about or published, does not mean it does not occur. It has taken many years for the scale of poor nursing care to hit the mainstream news.  Hence the eruption of alternative news sites such as 4bitnews. Here are some methods that Lenin uses , but note  a search can take many hours or days.

google search engines per country
use alternative search engine eg duckduckgo
contact specific sources eg legal sites
“What do they know?”

Freeodom of Information sources.
Find hidden blogs- do not ignore page 10 plus of google- info is hidden.

“Mumsnet” is  a very good source.

Avoid British Brainwashing sources- full of propaganda.

Contact nurse unions and sources in other countreis. What is happening there, especially USA, is highly relevant.

Do not ignore historical sources.

We also have some specific individuals such as Rosemary Cantwelll with  a special interest in eg legal aspects, who help to speed the process up.

Much more information is obtained from people who respond to these blogs and articles. We are very grateful to them and love to acknowldge them. Citation of sources is essential.

See list of alternative news sites on The commodity of

A great source is EINnews.


I will add to this list.

Key issues that need urgently analysing; fake certificates, lack of employment for newly qualified nurses (UK and other countries), standardisation of nurse education, stolen body parts, care homes, sending old people overseas for cheaper care, etc


One thought on “Deep searching for literature

  1. I have read many of Lenin’s published work and am impressed. He is finding and publishing many things that those ‘in authority’ don’t want people to know.
    One organisation that buries information is NMC. Lenin has done much to expose the failings of this government appointed, government controlled, private company.
    How many nurses are aware that the NMC is a private company with massive assets in the form of property in different locations? How many know that the NMC Secretary, Jackie Smith, earns in excess of £250,000 whilst they are earning £26,000 and have to pay up £120 and rising a year to keep her. Add to that the salaries of the other government appointees.
    Lenin has published on the privatisation of the NHS, it is well on its way, the big companies are stalking the side lines like wolves at a kill, waiting, waiting for the grab when they will tear the NHS to shreds. These wolves are already in post. They are the owners & providers of care home beds. They are the big Tory donors who are handsomely rewarded for their donations. Many nurses who have worked in these places can agree with Lenin’s summing up, they are hell holes in many cases, with poor standards, poor training if any, poor care, poor staffing levels and in many cases with a manager who is happy to cover up abuse or drug errors. Any nurse who reports or goes outside & WBs is made to go through hell. (often ending up at a hearing at the NMC) All passed by the CQC, another government appointed, government controlled, publically financed organisation. They are supported by the County /City Councils, again government appointed.
    Lenin has been able to expose the fake certificate/qualifications and the failings on the NMC to check the validity of people coming from abroad to work in the health/care sector. The NMC have staff of 668 and only 8 check these documents! This has been an open door to untrained unqualified nurses/Drs.
    Lenin is not afraid to use the Freedom of Information Act or any other Acts of Parliament to the full and many more should be reading his work.

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