Future of the Young

Unable to afford a home ? Here are some initiatives-

Another issue we hope we are wrong about. Lenin prophecies in 10 years time, the majority of young will live with their parents being unable to afford  a home. More to come on this from Lenin. Trying to be positive, here are some suggestions- please send more !!

Club together with friends, buy a plot of land and use chalets/caravans and tent.. Live communally with a vegetable plot.

If you have a large garden- let a caravan out to somebody.
Move in with a relative or non-relative , in exchange for caring for them.
Be a roamer and find paid jobs along the way. Some come with accommodation.
If it suits you, join a religious commune.

Volunteer in your home country, or overseas in exchange for board and lodgings.
Fight for a revolution and nationalise all housing, or set a maximum price limit on rents and sales.

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