Enter the Twilight Zone of Care For The Working Class


Care for the working class is not “a financially sound investment”. Big companies opting out. What will happen to the majority of people who need care? See situations in eg China where relatives are legally enforced to care for their relatives.Note the lack of community care in the UK and the USA.

UK law permits any company to give  a resident notice of leave (eviction), if their money runs out- they get more money from private paying residents than Local Authority funding gives them.

As Lenin says, a return to Victorian Values .


One thought on “Enter the Twilight Zone of Care For The Working Class

  1. Easy to reply Lenin.
    many people didn’t realise it at the time. They thought Margaret Thatcher wa wonderful for allowing them to buy their council houses at knock down prices.
    those same people are now at an age where they need care oops, they have to sell their homes, often the same homes they bought from the council to pay for their care.
    A clever cunning move by Thatcher

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