Anaesthetised Man

There are several major changes ahead regarding society. The frightening thing is, how many people still trust politicians and few even question any changes. Even the young are affected by this non-thinking mode which is enhanced by education and propaganda.

Consider the following which will occur;

Cashless society.

Use of robots.


Zero-hours work.

End of benefits.

Mandatory vaccinations.

Removal of children from families.


The signs are there- they are already occuring.

Consider what they mean- largely control relinquished to they in power. they who do oppose are regarded as being rebels or mentally disturbed in some way. Or are the “rebels” in realIty, they who dare to think and challenge? Consider school rules for example.

Of course there are some who dare to display their head above the parapet noticeably David Icke and Lenin Nightingale. For how much longer will public sharing be permitted ?

You are all most welcome to contribute to this list.

Carol Dimon


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