Lenin Nightingale’s Forecast For the UK

Lenin addresses many new issues within his work, supported by indepth, international searching. Come back to us in 10 years time (if that) about the following;


Relatives forced to care for their relatives.
British patients sent abroad for care- in nursing homes or hospitals.
Cheaper nurse education- re-definition of what it is to be  a nurse.
Skills mix revolution in nursing.
Greater use of off-the peg nurses from overseas . Nursing Degree moved to Colleges.
Homecare will be assessed and costed as if  a person is in  a care home.
Elderly patients who are admitted to hospitals will be charged as if they are in a care home.
Care homes for the working class will be run by Local Authorities but they will hire charities to do it for them.
People of different ages and needs will be placed together in the same nursing facility ie return to the “workhouse system”.

The younger Generation

The majority of young people will be unable to own or rent  a house. More will remain with their parents- as is happening now.

More younger people will care for older relatives.

There will be an increase in communal living.

Debt will become the norm .


More zero-hour contracts.

Even weaker unions and demise of terms and conditions.

Robots will replace workers.

The unemployed will live in workhouse complexes and do menial jobs in return for food and board.


See eg David Icke money in the pocket will not exist. Cashless society.

Again David Icke microchips.

Ring- fenced villages of the rich.

All communication devices will be chipped with listening bugs.

Further reports being blocked within main news and on search engines.

Extinction of the working class by the ruling class- starved out or backdoor depopulation.

Dumped nuclear waste with poor regions of North Yorkshire , within 2 years.


Teachers will be replaced by robots or TV screens.

Centrally controlled curriculum to teach obediance to the exisiting order as they did in the middle ages.


We know about driverless cars eg David Icke

Also self propelled air flight via  a backpack. Already being tested eg robots. Consider relevant issues eg safety/children. Possibly linked to tracking.




7 thoughts on “Lenin Nightingale’s Forecast For the UK

  1. I think your so right. The writing is on the wall for those who take their rose coloured glasses off
    I also predict a rise in elder abuse cases, elderly suicides and the legalisation of GP killing of the terminally ill with mental capacity of course and definitely ot under pressure.
    Privatisation of NHS facilities where profit will be paramount definitely before care. This is already in place in many cases. In Southampton the Surgical treatment unit (formally the Royal South Hants Hospital) has been handed over to Care UK. Lord Nash did make a handsome donation to the Tory Party. He was chair man of Care UK at the time
    The future of care is bleak

  2. Nurses in the UK must do everything possible to prevent the privatization of health care. Yes, there are problems within your system, but for-profit health care will not solve any problems. It will only make it worse, especially for the elderly, disabled or poor. Please — do not allow the UK to follow the horrid example of the United States (and I am a US citizen.)

  3. Lenin Nightingale- sadly money rules for some Rosemary.
    Nanobots via vaccinations etc will be used to alter the brain chemistry thus creating Zombie like people who do not question.

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