No One Is Bothered

No one is bothered;

Mobile phones can be remotely turned on and the powers that be listen in—
People going into a care home and receiving poor care
Body parts being stolen and sold.
Lipstick made of foetuses in some cases.
Human rights of prisoners/others.
Children forcibly removed from their parents for refusing vaccines for example (USA)
Enforcement of vaccinations.
The “ March of Monsanto “ and GM crops (See their web).
Weak Unions and loss of terms and conditions at work.
Fake certificates in all jobs including nursing.
Chemicals in food.
Private care.
Extreme charges for some medications.
Payment for unnecessary care in the private sector.
Sexual abuse in care homes and elsewhere .
Lack of houses.
Zero-hour employment.

As long as it does not affect themselves.
What a selfish herd or mad-cows we are.
Please add your issue to the list.


2 thoughts on “No One Is Bothered

  1. Until something hits them or their pocket they dont want to know. Then when they realise what is happening its screaming and shouting why didnt somebody do something?
    They all see what is happening in every aspect of their lives but are blind as to how its going to affect them. Until they are tied up in red tape, rules, regulations, policies, Acts, Laws all bearing down on them.
    Has anyone ever checked on how many of the above they have to be aware of in their work? When ever they carry out any procedure or in fact what they say to colleagues or in medicine or nursing to patients and if a hair is out of place or someone who is overly PC will report them.
    We move then into a completely different arena of the NMC. At one time a necessary inconvenience to be conscious of. Now ia lethal combinations of the vicious NMC Ltd Co and their stakeholders including 4 private providers. The NMC must do the bidding of the stakeholders. It is also a cheaper option from the stakeholders point of view as the Employment Tribunals accept the word of the NMC
    Cases reported to them start with a list of charges, these charges often disappear or even completely change. False allegations made by stakeholders are sacrosanct. Witness statements written either under duress from employers or with inducements from employers or in a pique. The false statements become untouchable & beyond Due Process of Law & cannot be questioned by disenfranchised RNs, many of whom become so ill & depressed they don’t fight the slurs cascaded onto them from the NMC
    Nurses must see what is happening in their profession and act now. The unions should start and work as one for the benefits of nurses. Dont leave it until its too late. Dont leave it for others to do or it might be too late!
    Im OK Ive had 53 years at a job Ive loved and no one can take that away Im just saddened to see what nurses have lost by allowing the rule of “Judged by your peers” to being judged by Tom, Dick or Harry off the streets + 1 registrant

  2. Yep, no one is bothered that there is one Nurse on an NMC panel at a fitness to practice hearing and everyone else sitting in judgement are either Legal people or pen pushers, with no clinical experience between either group, No one knows what that nurses’ qualifications( on the hearing panel ) are nor what experience they have – this is never broadcast…The registrant never knows whether they are qualified to judge or not. How can non Medically Qualified people pass judgement on the clinical safety of a Nurse – but have no clinical experience themselves. Its a mockery of Justice.

    This Fitness to Practice nonsense, is not Nurses judging Nurses about what is sound or sensible to do in practice -(and yes some people do do weird things in Nursing and in the rest of their lives too) – but if the hearing lists are examined – and they are free to the scrutiny of the public by just going into the NMC’s website. By the by, how does that tally for data protection or confidentiality? Not all these nurses on there, are criminals who don’t merit fair treatment ( but Criminals get fairer treatment than Nurses do in their hearing and Judgement system – usually) – the bulk of the Nurses are reported by their vindictive managers to get them silenced, when they were trying to protect their defenseless patients or working under such awful conditions a Saint would crack up.

    The NMC use an odd ( in my mind) kind of sentencing regime. They have 3 main categories : struck off – which might be a perk in some people’s eyes – then they don’t keep hounding the nurse for ever after… long after many have been begged to be left in peace. ( as can be seen if you go into the hearing and reviewing lists).
    Suspended – to which they attach various lengths of time, 18 months + 6 months mine was . I had no idea what this meant – but as I had gone off to get myself retired so that I could enjoy peace and quiet – it didn’t much bother me…except the NMC has not left me in peace they regularly review the nonsense they determined was true – and send me endless invitations to my review hearing with injunctions about writing reflective essays about what they consider to be my wickedness and how I put the public at risk ,by giving the safest advice about future care for the patient involved I sent him to A&E – which he acted upon, thankfully.
    Conditions of Practice which the NMC lay down, according to their whims and ridiculous lack of common sense or experience. which they can extend for as long as they like for equally ridiculous reasons. The punishment never fits the crime – if there even was one in the first place. And then the NC likes a bit of ritualized flogging – which is what I call their reflective essays – if they don’t deem the essay to be sufficiently reflective – one can fail to meet their standards – and there are consequences for that too…
    And yet for all this tripe going on – being self righteously pursued by the NMC – No one thinks there is anything fishy about it…Well they should.

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