Future of care homes UK

Prompted by yvm (yourvoicematters) is this the future of care homes for older people (and others) in the UK?

All supported by articles of Lenin Nightingale based on international reading;

Care homes for the wealthy- little provision for they who are LA funded.

Old people sent abroad to cheaper care homes.

Nurses no longer needed- replaced by cheaper staff, especially overseas staff.

Could the desire for/use of  euthanesia increase??

Re-open Nightingale wards.

Warehouse type care of the poor- low standard of care may become the norm “they desrve it; they did not save money to pay themselves for care”.

More insurance or charity schemes- we provide carers at home if you leave us your house in your will.

Relatives legally enforced to care for their parents- link this to inadequate provision of Homecare.

Care by community groups may increase- along with communal living.

Number of homeless will increase even more.

Unless- nationalisation occurs.

Any more anybody ?

Carol Dimon


3 thoughts on “Future of care homes UK

  1. With ack to YVM- a community of houses with 2 or 3 elderly people living together, and staff in a central building. Similar to retirement villages.
    Perhaps some may choose to live with friends?
    Or an increase in sheltered housing – but back to cost issues unless Housing benefits continue for they who are eligible.

  2. As long as we have a government that doesnt care about the elderly, it will get worse. Care in care home, run by owners are are more interested in profit than care are as bad a the old workhouses in a new setting.
    The ‘inmates’ are regulated and controlled throughout the day and night, often afraid to ask for something or speak out. The day starts with being given the choice of getting up at, lights put on, radios put on. staff speaking loudly asking if they want to get up. This if followed at 9am by a choice of breakfast, cereal or porridge and perhaps scrambled egg. Meals are the cheapest available, pies fruit & veg are frozen. TV til 12 and a break for lunch then back to TV. Never going out. Never feeling the sun, wind or rain on their faces. Just 4 walls of one room On it goes until bedtime at 7pm.
    Compare this with the homes for those with money even now. Individual care, the day is scheduled to include activities, physio, hairdressers/beauty and trips out. Meals are discussed with chef and delivered beautifully set out where the resident wants it. They get up and go to bed when they want.
    The staff are there to assist them in everything they do. There are enough staff to give them the care. Baths or showers are daily not once a week if your lucky. The meals, chosen from a menu early morning are made from fresh ingredients. Those with money can live in a care home and have the care all elderly people should get.
    I speak as a 70 year old nurse and quite frankly what I have seen in the majority of care homes fills me with dread as the only choice for me would be suicide!!

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