Nursing Shortage

See articles on here regarding the shortage of nurses.

A contributary factor, apart from a high number of newly qualified nurses who do not work as nurses, is the high turnover rate of nurses.

America had nearly half  a million nurses who do not work as nurses in 2010  (Ledbetter 2015). Why do we not have such figures within the UK ? No figures = no problem (to some).

The NMC state they do not keep figures of nurses trained in the UK who work as nurses, or who work abroad.

How long DID you work as  a nurse?

Do you have stories of nurses who left nursing quickly?

Do you know of people who trained as nurses, with no intention of working as nurses?

For example, a student nurse qualified and left  2 years later in the UK. Is this  a good return for  a course paid for by the UK government ?


Ledbetter (2015)


7 thoughts on “Nursing Shortage

  1. The NMC also removes good Nurses – in its “disciplinary” system, quite needlessly sometimes.They are sound and sensible but disliked by Management.

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