‘NHS spending accounts for the vast bulk of the current £116bn Department of Health budget – £101bn of it in fact. But it’s what’s happening to the remaining £15bn that ministers are not shouting about.
Next year that pot will be cut by more than 10% in real terms to £13.6bn. By the end of the Parliament the drop will be 20% in real terms.

The size of the fund doesn’t sound a lot when set beside the money for the frontline. But it goes a long way.

About £5bn of it is spent by Health Education England in training the doctors and nurses of the future’ (bbc online, Nov. 26, 2015).

It’s this £5bn that is going, dearhearts. They are going to rob Peter Nurse to pay Paul Hospital.

It’s a constant shuffling of the cards, performed by illusionists to make you think they have a strategy.

Let’s face facts, how many students are going to enroll for any type of nurse training if they have to pay for it?

Are they going to be able to pay of their loan over a long career in nursing?

Hardly, most newly qualified nurses are used and abused before their inevitable date with the knackers’ yard.

5-10 years max, then the chop, or the ditching of nursing as a career.

Ask student nurses after one year of their course, do you feel like borrowing another £9,000?

The government will redefine what a nurse is – someone who completes an 18 months works-based course in a nursing speciality.

40% cheaper!

And what of the officers of the ship of nursing? – the fraternity of lecturers, those that no longer ‘do’.

Bought on an ad hoc basis through agencies by Hospital Trusts to provide a bit of theory to courses that are heavily biased toward competency in performing specific nursing tasks.

All competing to be Lord or Lady of the Flies!

God help Piggy!

Hope you have paid off your mortgage!

The game is about to end.

The NMC will simply take their subs from the new breed of nurse.

Same with the RCN.

Goodbye, nice knowing you!

Piss off!

lenin nightingale 2015



  1. PS my grandma – who never swore- would have said “sling y’er hook” – they with intelligence would realise it is they in power who say this- and not take it personally–. Few can see. Remove blinkers. Look at the nub of what Lenin is saying.

  2. Nurses may last 10 years? Only if they suck up to their managers or employers otherwise they land in NMC jail to rot for up to 5 years then get suspended or struck off. Innocent or not the case will be ‘PROVED’
    Nurse lecturers never taught how to deal with their regulatory body that is happy to accept false allegations, fake certificates and now half trained nurses let loose on the public.
    God help us

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