Nurses- do not just take it.

We begin (2016)  by recognising a successful appeal against the NMC’s decision of impaired of fitness to practice of a qualified nurse . Vasanta  Suddock somehow had the strength to represent herself . This case is  of immense importance for nurses everywhere who are wrongly accused. The case notes may be used by solicitors and nurses in the future, to strengthen their own appeal.

Here are some key statements made by the judge (Mrs Andrews)  ;

The committee “failed to appreciate that there is evidence that strongly supports Ms Suddock’s assertion that someone, acting in bad faith has set out to ruin her hitherto unquestioned professional reputation and her career”.

“–a  failure to examine the evidence in the way that a court or other legal tribunal would—” ” It placed far too much reliance on the demeanour of the witnesses”.

“I am satisfied that the decision of the panel to find the charges proved against Ms Suddock was clearly wrong”.

“Additionally— there  is the clearest possible evidence, which the panel brushed aside, “that someone was making  a crude attempt to frame her”.

Lord Woolf’s dictum the “more serious the allegation, the less likely it is that the event occured”.

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There will be more to come regarding this. Watch this space.





As Matthew Hill, BBC West Health Correspondent recently asked (, 22 December 2015), ‘how much could English councils save if they followed the example of Scotland and avoided using private (foster) agencies? Some estimates calculate around £400 per child per week, but it’s near impossible to say as back office support is not fully costed.

But one thing is for certain, huge profits are being made. Figures released by Corporate Watch show the top eight private foster agencies in England and Wales had a turnover of £413m last year, attracting investment from across the world. Some of their directors are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds.

We tread the American path of a legalized version of child trafficking, which rakes in over $15 billion in profit a year. This is big business. Its purveyors search for working-class prey like carrion crow.

I wrote some time ago that the American child protection-for-profit system is a paradise for profiteers. ‘Parents are ordered to attend parenting classes, anger management classes, counseling classes, therapy classes, etc., sometimes having to pay for these, and on completion, which may take years, they may have their children returned. Private companies in the child protection business employ psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, caseworkers, and therapists; others are involved in sourcing foster and adoptive parents.The system is a gigantic pig trough of competing snouts. The bonus for an adoption placement can be between $4,000-$6,000, more if the child has ‘special needs’.

State Departments of Human Resources (DHR’s) and private affiliates work on a baseline number of expected adoptions based on population. Each bonus is multiplied by the percentage that the State has managed to exceed its baseline adoption number. Thus, there is monetary incentive for increased numbers of adoptions. Extra funds are paid when a child is placed in a mental health facility.

Adoptive parents receive cash subsidies until the child is 18, which continue if the child goes to college, ranging from $410-$486 per month per child. They also receive Medicaid for the child, a clothing allowance, and adoption costs, including legal fees. The same child’s mother may have been on a welfare program, before losing her children, in which she would have proven she had no assets in order to collect $539 per month for herself and two children. This begs the question: why isn’t the same level of support given to the children’s parents in the first place? It may be added that the ‘welfare scrounger’ who loses her children is tested for various addictions, but, oh surprise, surprise!, those adopting her children are not!

The reality is that states, counties, and contracted private blood-sucking companies receive $30,000 for each child removed from their home and put into adoption. Those funds go up to between $40,000 and $150,000 if the child has special needs. Who is making a sick profit?

Children to adopt in America can be browsed on adoption sites, or viewed at ‘Adoption Fairs’. The latter are called ‘adoption parties’ in the UK, where up to 50 children meet with as many as 30 adoptive parents. Not much fun if you keep going to the party and never get picked, a bit like ‘plain Jane’ who was never asked to dance.

An article in in 2013 quoted The Denver Post, which ‘found a shocking pattern of abuse when it conducted an in-depth investigation of the privatization of Colorado’s foster care system a decade ago. The Post reported that numerous children were molested, abused, and even died in foster homes after the state started contracting with businesses that failed to ensure they were placed in safe homes. The state also paid three times as much to place a child in private foster care as it did in homes that were supervised by the counties’. The article quotes Bob Jacobson of the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families: “If you’re a corporation whose very mission is to increase shareholder value that is automatically in conflict with a social service agency whose sole purpose is to meet the needs of people in the program.” It also quotes In the Public Interest, a privatisation watchdog: “Numerous state and local governmental entities are finding that turning over these programs to private contractors not only fails to achieve projected cost savings but also decreases access to these important services …’.

Far more tellingly than anything I could ever write, Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy gives an insight into the human cost of this legalized version of child trafficking, and the myriad ancillary industries that feed from its trough of working-class children, which is forever being topped up with new flesh. She quotes an adoption agency director: “Options look very different to expectant moms with bank accounts, vehicles, degrees and health insurance than they appear to moms in projects with food stamps, GEDs, bus passes and Medicaid.” (In the same way, options look very different for the rich nursing home resident as they do for poorer ones).

Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy (March 2, 2014) gives an insight into what is now being rolled out in the UK, which is nothing more than the capitalist scum which have risen to the top our our society enabling its carrion-crow-class subsiduaries to bring working-class children to market, rather like a Roman slave market. The Roman jurist Gaius wrote: ‘Slavery is a human invention and not found in nature. Indeed, it was that other human invention, war, which provided the bulk of slaves, but they were also the bounty of piracy’, which may be paraphrased: ‘Child adoption for profit is a human invention and not found in nature. Indeed, it is that other human invention, working-class poverty, which provides the bulk of trafficked children, which makes them the bounty of piracy’.

Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy wrote about the devious marketing methods used by the carrion-crow-class of child traffickers: ‘As it has been said so long in the adoption truth community, many birthmothers attest that they did not want to make an adoption plan for their children. Proving that there is little or no choice in the process is much easier for moms during the Baby Scoop Era as the threats of forced adoption are well documented now and accepted by many more in society. But still, we fight the adoption industry marketing messages that birthmothers “these days” face a different face of adoption. These mothers “choose” to “make an adoption plan” for their children because they “love the so much and want them to have a better life”; leading into the heroic sainthood of birthmotherness especially in terms of open adoptions.

Of course, the counterattack of reality is that the adoption industry does target pregnant women at risk and then leads them down the primrose path of adoption glory. Whether it is outright coercion, or the eroding of her rights, or the creation of the adoption storyline, or the lies and false promises of a truly open adoption, or birthmother gaslighting, or biased adoption counseling , or withholding of the needed information that is required to allow a mother to make an “informed choice”; in the end, a vast majority of moms I have known over the years do attest that “choice” is only a word thrown around most haphazardly and does not adequately define her relinquishment experience. The word “choice” must mean that a mother has another option besides adoption.

Is there truly a choice to be a mother is a woman is facing the reality of homelessness with her baby? Is there much of a choice in “wanting to be a mother” if the economics of diaper buying is a tremendous obstacle? Is there really a choice if she is attending college and her grants and scholarships that she lives on are contingent on her maintaining a 3.2 GPA and missing classes or even a semester after birth is an impossibility? Is there a choice if her parents tell her not to “come home with that baby” or if she must work two jobs to support the child she does has. Is there choice when she is denied insurance and even the cost of the hospital for birth is insurmountable?

Now those invested in adoption will say that these mothers are choosing a “loving option if you are not prepared to parent your child” . Few adoption agency websites seem to delve deeper into the WHY a mother might not “be prepared” while cautioning all the ways that parenting is “big responsibility. It takes time, money, maturity and sacrifice.” While almost every adoption agency website around make huge points that being a birthmother is “free” and offer the perks of housing, medical care, counseling and legal services, few seem to actually see to come right out and say “you can’t afford to have a child.” Instead of pointing out what an expectant mother is lacking, they are all too keen to point out all the ways that their adoptive parents are bountiful in monetary and material means’.


Is there any lower depths that America and its satelite copyists will sink to? Their sated masses spend billions on Christmas bingeing, as the society they leave their children sinks into a Darwinian cess pit.

All empires that gorge themselves on the misery of others eventually perish, and deserve to perish.
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The current plan to create a cheaper nursing force has been in the pipeline for some years. Britain was always going to follow the American route, as it has done in the sphere of student loans, the selling of houses to pay for elderly care costs, and every other area in which a profit is to be made.

As this privatisation tsunami swept the shores of Britain, the RCN pitifully kept on making the case for more degree educated nurses to be trained, naturally so, as many nurse lecturers are RCN members, and, as we are constantly told, more degree educated nurses leads to better patient outcomes.

This sounds reasonable, until you consider the large amount of reported abuse and negligence of duty committed by such well educated nurses. Passing an exam is not the same as being a passable human being, and, in any case, pertinently, the nursing game is now  one of cost reduction.

This is to produce a low paid and subservient workforce, which will allow for greater profits to be made when the whole shebang of nursing care is owned by American corporations. This is the road we are on. The government just shows you a fraction of the map, so you can not see the final destination; the cliff of privatisation.

Hence, to the inevitable introduction of the American Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) programme, called by the name of nursing associate. That’s right, government ministers do not think up new schemes, but, like a blatant plagarist, simply alters a few words from the American master copy of the plan. You only have to study the replication of the American benefits system to appreciate this.

So, what lies ahead in the world of British nursing. Well, American LPN training lasts up to a year and a half, and students are taught general patient care, human physiology and anatomy, and skim some nursing theories. Once qualified, the LPN  works while being supervised by a registered nurse (RN). As a result, their salary is much lower.

The LPN can continue to study so that they can earn a full degree and become a registered nurse. This has led to the creation of LPN to RN programmes.

LPN’s finance their own training – the price is usually very affordable.

It is quick to get the certificate, which can be complted at a local college.

They don’t have any professional legal responsibility.

This package is sellable to those who do not want the high cost of financing a degree, and do not want the legal responsibility that goes with being a RN. This is not to say they will not be deemed responsible for negligence or abuse.

It means fewer nurses taking responsibility for many more’associates’, who can do the jobs once reserved for nurses. The strain on the few in charge will probably lead to them leaving nursing, as many do.

It has not been a case of not training enough nurses, it has been a case of putting them under so much pressure that they leave the nurse trenches as fast as new cannon fodder can be added.

This has been a boon for the nurse lecturing industry, but that particular gravy train is about to leave the station, and no amount of quoting research to the government will bring it back, and if you haven’t realised that by now, my dearhearts of the RCN, you are truly blind, and exist in a fantasy world that sees nursing as not being controlled by a new politics, dressed up as economics.

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50% of all nursing records create an illusion that care was given.

They might contain various lies:

A patient was given daily physical therapy – documented by nurses and assistants who were not at work on those days.

Medications are documented as being given when they are not.

A patient dies or is injured, and the nursing home staff rewrite the records to minimize blame or liability.

Overworked or lazy staff fill in charts en masse, not knowing whether treatments took place, or if the information is accurate. (I have seen this many times; a nurse writing ‘good diet taken’ when not even able to recognise the patient by name; the fraudulent filling in of fluid balance charts, or of enteral feeds given. You knew damn well that the feeding tube had not flushed, but, of course it was, for it was recorded and signed for on that ‘tablet of stone’ called a nursing record.

Medications are ticked off as being given, but I often found unopened boxes or discrepancies with pharmacy records, and patients obviously not receiving the benefits of prescribed medication. The number of faecally impacted patients I came across on regular doses of (not given) lactulose could have filled a football stadium. One lady’s chart ‘showed’ that she had been having bowel movements in the days before her death, which was very unlikely according to doctors, given the severity of her condition.

In a case in California, a week after being admitted, a patient was found with gaping ulcers on both heels, indicating he had not been consistently repositioned. His legs were amputated to save him from advanced bone infection. In the ensuing lawsuit, the chief nurse of the facility testified that she had been ordered by a corporate representative to alter medical records to ‘show’ that the patient had arrived at the nursing home with ‘softened heels’.

Dearhearts, how many times have you suspected that ‘repositioning’ had not been carried out. Have you ever been guilty of this yourself? Have you ever suspected that many nurses you have followed on shift were more likely to give birth to an elephant than be able to carry out a basic nursing procedure properly?

Californian studies show that fraudulent charting is often linked to understaffing, where care can not be given. When I was in hospital as a patient, the ‘night nurse’ had a medication round of 56 patients spread over two wards, on which there were four nursing assistants. Care was not given. I might have understood this more if they had not sat down at 3 am eating pizzas, bleating: “we have rights, too”. I retorted that if I had been in charge of the hospital, I would have asked them to work twice as fast (about half the speed I and others worked at in bygone days), and would have told them to stuff their pizzas where the sun does not shine in Africa. To cut this story short, I discharged myself, telling them to …. off you little …..; God help you if they ever bring in camaras!

When I was in charge of a nursing facility, I well recall an agency nurse telling me that Mrs. Green had a settled morning”; “I hope so”, I replied, “it would scare the …. out of the mortuary staff if she hadn’t”!

Phantom nurses. Suspicious entries in medical charts. Phony paperwork, hurriedly produced after an injury or death.

It is the untold story of nursing home care.

This is despite the fact that a medical chart is an integral aspect of patient care. Doctors and nurses rely on its accuracy to determine care or revise treatment. An accurate chart leads to care. An inaccurate one can cover up the lack of care.

A problem is that charts have become an Everest. Nurses are required to chart everything from food and fluid input to bowel movements, to bumps, and bruises, and falls, and visits, and ….

The point is this, surely, good care can be given in a nursing home or hospital if the person in charge will tolerate nothing less, and is skilled in picking up signs of care not being given, and is absolutely ruthless about bringing negligent staff to justice, i.e. dismissal.

A trouble is this, also surely; it is very difficult to attract hard working and kind people to nursing today, because it is often a wearisome and thankless job, and there are softer aternatives elsewhere, which require less discipline, and are more in tune with those who bleat about their rights whilst vulnerable and sick patients are uncared for.

You can not expect to nurse the sick by recruiting too many selfish, lazy bastards.

We recruit too many selfish, lazy bastards, who are allowed to get away with the charade of filling in charts, at the same time as persecuting good, hard working nurses who are reported to the NMC by the same selfish, lazy bastards.

If you can not bring back discipline, at least make cameras compulsory in all nursing facilities. Yet, then again, if all the selfish, lazy bastards were flushed out of nursing (50% of all staff, I suggest), then how could the charade of nursing care being given continue?

There were brilliant nurses then, there are now, and there will be in the future, but there were selfish, lazy bastards then, there are now, and, I fear, there will be a majority of this category in the future.

God help nursing.

God help patients.

Few others will.
lenin nightingale, 2015

Lenin Nightingale’s Memories of Nursing

Like many nurses, Lenin often recollects his nursing memories. Memories help to reflect upon nursing practice and leadership and there is only one of Lenin-  a very special nurse / person indeed.

Lenin himself would write this better but I shall do my best here.


All student nurses in particular, may recall the fundamentals of making a bed. This example depicts the qualities that some may- or may not have, and possible gender differences.

Matron to Lenin ” I will return in half an hour. I want these 4 beds made perfectly”  . It was obviously not Lenin’s forte!

The female nurses quickly made the beds, in exchange for which, Lenin shaved the male patients. Matron accepted the level of perfection, but knew very well that the beds were NOT made by Lenin.

Another Matron asked Lenin to make the beds–. Deliberately he made them all at odds- such as one bedsheet touching the floor, or another not tucked in– . “Oh I give in” exclaimed Matron – to cheers from the remainder of the team. You will go far in management some said.

The Broken Sphyg

Hospital wards often borrow equipment from another ward. The sphyg had been borrowed from a notorious Matron- stern but she got the caring done efficiently. The sphy in question was now broken. Lenin for some reason, was given the job of returning the sphyg. The very wise Matron sent  a message back to the ward- she (unusually) invited Lenin into the office for  a cup of tea served in her best China teaset! Lenin- such  a charmer.

Drinks time

Lenin was often given the simplest of tasks ” caring for my ladies- is no job for  a man!” stated one matron.

Making coffees for patients- Lenin used the 10 pints of milk from the fridge, and the sealed tins of biscuits that were hidden in a cupboard. Such  a mountain of biscuits on the trolley but staff and patients loved it. Matron was not so amused—

Christmas and  a drinks table was arranged for patients, of alcohol that was donated throughout the year. “Please ensure you have one yourself ” said the hospital manager. Those were the days–.

Christmas Day

One nurse was stuck in  snow drift. The stern matron said it was no excuse – even though snow ploughs could not get through- (she should have slept at work). Lenin  said he was going to get  a snow plough – he got quite  a few provisional bookings.

Actually – it was  a microlite so says Lenin! He was going to have lessons and planned to land in  a nearby cricket pitch as it was flat — .

Many nurses (or senior carers/carers) dread the handover time when the phone often rings :

Lenin had worked via  a nursing agency, in  a nursing home on Christmas Eve night. The phone rang near handover time- the day nurse was unable to come to work. There would be no nurse on duty. Lenin rang the home manager- she was unable to come as arrangements for her Christmas day had been made. Lenin worked an additional 3 hours- the manager then kindly came to work. Lenin had some difficulty obtaining payment for the additional 3 hours- the home owner had not sanctioned the booking ! Yes- Lenin managed to get paid, but it was not the issue for him.


As a student nurse, Lenin sat Mr Dunnen on the commode.

A short time later Lenin was met by  a perplexed Sister” You are  a unique nurse. You put Mr Dunnen on the commode without  a commode pot in”

Back then as a male , we were well looked after (or at least Lenin was for some reason)- the team of female nurses had dealt with the situation.

Abandon shift!

Lenin  arrived for  a night shift as an agency nurse. Looking out of the window at 3am, a taxi had arrived.

A care assistant announced ” This is not for me “. She took her coat and bag and left the shift. If he recalls correctly, it was her second shift.

The two of them who remained – struggled on.


Many years ago, Nurse Gust described his methods for reducing stress. His care of mentally ill patients whom he cared for, was excellent as a result.

Always volunteer to go to such places as the pharmacy- go the long way round via the coffee shop!

Beware of hiding places;

Stand on  a toilet seat for half an hour so nobody sees you when looking under the toilet door.

Lie on  a bed under  a blanket for half an hour.

Tidy the storeroom and ensure it takes an hour.

Would be difficult with cameras but Lenin still recommends them.

The night shift

There were many managers who realised how impossible it is for staff to adequately function after several 12 hour night shifts. Many allowed staff to have a  2 hour sleep on shift, and would encourage it. There was always one member of staff who was awake.

The nurses’ “home”

Nurse Fox mentioned to Lenin, he had pleaded to move rooms as he disliked the one he is in but the stern matron refused.”Oh, do what I did” suggested Lenin “block the tap with  a towel and flood the room”.

All in the name of power and control.

Too sensitive  a heart to nurse

Nurse Stun confided in me many years ago , she was terribly upset about  a situation she had witnessed. A patient had been admitted to an unsuitable ward for him where there was room- against a promise made to his wife by nurses. My reply to her was, she had too sensitive  a heart for the system of nursing. All the sensitive nurses leave.

To many nurses it is  a job for people who abide by rules, following Goffman’s principle. Nursing itself is an institution.







‘A man walked past a few kids with a bucket of sea crabs. One of the crabs was crawling to the top of the bucket, so the man told the boys to get a lid. “Mister, you don’t know anything about crabs,” the boys said. “As soon as that crab gets to the top, the others will pull him right back down. Never fails.”

The expression “nurses eat their young” comes from this story, and it isn’t all that far from the truth. It might sound like your unit — where you feel constantly pulled down by your peers’ cutting remarks, backstabbing, and eyebrow-raising’ (Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN.).

Smaller crabs gang together to pull bigger ones to pieces.

Mean spirited (couldn’t) care (less) assistants and nurses run to a manager to complain about a nurse who has asked them to work, work harder, work differently, care for their patients, etc. Those who feel powerless get a sense of importance by ganging together to bully others, so, like a pack of scavengers, they seek an often innocent and vulnerable nurse to feed off. If management dislike their victim, they report them to the NMC for a final carving up of their flesh.

Who this side of sanity would be a nurse?

In days I remember, which were no ‘rose garden’ of nursing, those falsely accusing others were sent packing.

We now tolerate backstabber’s in nursing, and ‘give-me-a-bonus-budget-watchers’, now called ‘management’, actively encourage them.

I do not infer that all care assistants are lazy and mean spirited, many are the exact opposite, or that all nurses are hard-working angels, far from it. I do infer that the mean spirited are on the rise, whether nurse or assistant.

Degree nursing, or not degree nursing, is not the only issue.

A real issue is abolishing scum-class ‘management’, their low-life informants, and the NMC.

Rise nurses!

For yourself and for your patients!

Get rid of the backstabber’s  paradise of nursing!

Oppose the Stalinist show trials of the NMC!

Dearhearts, have you been a victim of backstabbing? Have you been sent to a Stalinist show trial, where you were assumed guilty before it started?  Did the NMC  take into account your mental torment and treat you with the same compassion and respect that nurses are expected to give to their patients?
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The American healthcare system can be summed up in one word: insurance. The Masters of Illusion tell their spell-bound audience that insurance is the only way to avoid bankruptcy when faced with a medical bill.

This is a lie, but is well told, so is believed.

60% of bankruptcies in America are due to expensive medical bills. As Dr. Steffie Woolhandler told CNN, “Unless you’re a Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, you’re one illness away from financial ruin in this country.”

The median annual cost of an American nursing home in 2010 was $75,000. Reported cases of physical and mental abuse within them are at astronomical levels.

In 2010, Americans paid nearly $2.6 trillion for healthcare services.

Only the poor are eligible for Medicaid,* the state-run safety net. It can cost a middle income family $14,000 a month to pay for nursing home care. This may be for a ‘semi-private’room. (Genworth Survey, 2015). Most people can only afford to purchase a 3 to 5 year benefit period. People are recommended to purchase some type of inflation protection. Policies contain an ‘elimination period’ – the time where you will be responsible to pay for the cost of your care before your Long Term Care insurance policy begins to pay benefits. Most people chose a 30 to 90 day period.

Costs vary: In Florida, the latest statistics show the average cost for care is circa $190 a day; in New York it is $380 a day. The insurance premium is directly related to benefit amount chosen – a plan that pays $200 per day will be twice as much that only pays up to $100 per day.

According to a survey conducted by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance, in 2011, a typical comprehensive policy paying up to $150 per day for three years of care cost an average of $1,480 annually for a single person if purchased at age 55. ($2,355 at age 60). Thus, to cover $300 of care a day, an average cost per person would be circa $3,000 per anum, and double that if paying for 6 years of care. The (so called) Affordable Care Act does not apply to long-term care insurance, so providers can and do turn people down based on physical health and existing medical conditions.

*Medicaid is jointly funded by federal and state governments. It pays for medical care for people with very low income and asset levels, and long-term care for people who have used up most of their own money.

Many poor people are forced care of their parents, at great emotional cost to them and their children.

The Masters of Illusion tell their spell-bound audience that insurance is the only way to avoid bankruptcy when faced with a medical bill.

This is a lie, but is well told, so is believed.

This is the plan for the UK.

In reality, many on middle and lower incomes will have to sell their home to pay for ‘care’.

The future generation will be crippled by student loan debt, credit card debt, high mortgage/rent debt, and on top of this will be asked to ‘contribute to their future’, only to find out that their contribution does no stretch very far.

Only the rich will be able to afford to be sick for any length of time.

The mortgage payments of the ‘aspirational class’ are only a disguised payment for long term care.

lenin nightingale 2015

‘The U.S. health care system has become one gigantic money making scam, and you are about to see the statistics that prove it. Today, the United States spends more on health care per person than any other country in the world by far. The health insurance companies and the big pharmaceutical corporations are raking in gigantic mountains of cash and yet the quality of the health care that we receive in return is rather quite poor. People living in Puerto Rico have a greater life expectancy than we do’ (Michael Snyder,