‘A man walked past a few kids with a bucket of sea crabs. One of the crabs was crawling to the top of the bucket, so the man told the boys to get a lid. “Mister, you don’t know anything about crabs,” the boys said. “As soon as that crab gets to the top, the others will pull him right back down. Never fails.”

The expression “nurses eat their young” comes from this story, and it isn’t all that far from the truth. It might sound like your unit — where you feel constantly pulled down by your peers’ cutting remarks, backstabbing, and eyebrow-raising’ (Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN.).

Smaller crabs gang together to pull bigger ones to pieces.

Mean spirited (couldn’t) care (less) assistants and nurses run to a manager to complain about a nurse who has asked them to work, work harder, work differently, care for their patients, etc. Those who feel powerless get a sense of importance by ganging together to bully others, so, like a pack of scavengers, they seek an often innocent and vulnerable nurse to feed off. If management dislike their victim, they report them to the NMC for a final carving up of their flesh.

Who this side of sanity would be a nurse?

In days I remember, which were no ‘rose garden’ of nursing, those falsely accusing others were sent packing.

We now tolerate backstabber’s in nursing, and ‘give-me-a-bonus-budget-watchers’, now called ‘management’, actively encourage them.

I do not infer that all care assistants are lazy and mean spirited, many are the exact opposite, or that all nurses are hard-working angels, far from it. I do infer that the mean spirited are on the rise, whether nurse or assistant.

Degree nursing, or not degree nursing, is not the only issue.

A real issue is abolishing scum-class ‘management’, their low-life informants, and the NMC.

Rise nurses!

For yourself and for your patients!

Get rid of the backstabber’s  paradise of nursing!

Oppose the Stalinist show trials of the NMC!

Dearhearts, have you been a victim of backstabbing? Have you been sent to a Stalinist show trial, where you were assumed guilty before it started?  Did the NMC  take into account your mental torment and treat you with the same compassion and respect that nurses are expected to give to their patients?
lenin nightingale 2015



  1. Every word is true. I recognise every sentence because it has applied to me, over and over again. In NHS and in care homes the devils on your back (usually care assistants) but often managers stab, stab, stab constantly but are so nice to your face, asking if there are any problems. At the same time they are planning further attacks
    The NMC are equally guilty, they say they screen the cases, they take into account contributing circumstances -like hell they do!
    The NMC dispatch 150 qualified nurses every month, just like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland Jackie Smith’s crew member announces “GUILTY, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS” No consideration of mitigating circumstances such as dangerous staffing levels, unsafe working environment, bitchy uncaring assistants who want their own way or the stress put onto lone RN workers. They may work with a team of HCA but in most cases in care homes especially they are lone workers.
    There are groups of nurses who have fallen foul of the NMC on FB & other social media, where they find support and advice, they get no support whatsoever from the NMC (PSA report 2015). To hear their cases and read the drivel often lies put out about them by the NMC it is clear that the NMC is “not fit for purpose” (PSA report 2015)
    In my case the NMC were so anxious to rush the case through even when they were told that I could not attend because her Mother in Law had died 2 days prior to the hearing, they went ahead stating, incorrectly/lying, that they had asked the me if I wanted a rescheduling of the case. If they will lie about that they will lie about anything to make their case. Publicly it states that the I ‘voluntarily absented herself from the hearing LIES LIES LIES. The NMC wanted PROOF of her death, I have now sent them the GOV Wills clip stating her date of death and the probate office of the will.
    The NMC used a witness who were 30 miles away, had never worked with me was not an RN, didnt know the me and stated that she (the witness) did the same job as the RN manager. The witness is an NVQ manager a care assistant. The very manager when she was a regional manager was told of the unsafe working environment, and a year later was told again and about the drop in staffing to ” dangerous levels” and other abuses of residents at the Care XX home
    The NMC has a lot to answer for but they are not accountable to anyone but their stakeholders, the very people who refer the RNs. The government isnt interested, the PSA does not accept complaints about them, MPs only discuss it in Parliament then its finished until next debate.
    The NMC issues licences unqualified people with fake qualifications (usually from abroad) to kill and then do a good job and strike them off -job done- To properly qualified nurses who speak out against abuse, poor standards, poor care, poor nutrition of patients/residents the NMC kills off these nurses without batting an eyelid, sometimes literally!

    The NMC even refuse to answer questions asked under the Freedom of Information Act. The NMC is above the Law, or is it?

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