Politicians court the elderly vote as keenly as commercial predators tap into the £1.77 trillion equity of UK grey-haired-owned housing. Release your equity, they entice, and enjoy a lavish final few years. Your nursing home room will have its own shower, so no being wrapped in a blanket and wheeled down the very public hallway for you. Your coffee will be hot, and your toast will not be as crispy as a wet lettuce; that’s for the (derogatory tone) ‘State funded’ resident. Therein, hidden within the sales patter, is the real hub of an issue: not all elderly people necessarily want to cash in their equity to enjoy the comforts of massage rooms, and windows that give views of trees and a river ( rather than the backend of a disintegrating housing esate, where the brightest lights after dark come from police helicopters); it’s this alternative they fear.

The luxury end of the UK care home market will mirror image the model of its parent country, America, where a room with crispy toast can cost £10,000 a month. Though, their will be degrees of ‘luxury’, rather like hotels, where politicians, retired judges, and hedge fund gamblers will mingle in the 5 star version (like friends reunited), and those of lower status will inhabit a 2 star world of middle-range supermarket bread and plastic cheese. There will be a mixing of classes, though, as, when their cash runs out, those at the top will soon be on their way down, perhaps to that most feared of all places, a State funded brick shit-house; where people reside for free, but pay a heavy price in terms of inadequately staffed care and bargain basement diets.

These are the nursing homes for the rest of us. Government ideology creates a two-tier care home system, where good care is only available to those who can pay for it.

The elderly share the fate of working class youth.

We accept a culture of hidden euthanasia and discardment, as Pope Francis has said: “When the elderly are discarded, when the elderly are isolated and sometimes pass away without affection, it is a very bad sign! … A people that does not take care of its elders, that does not take care of its young people, is a people without a future, a people without hope. Because young people … children, the youth … and the elderly advance History forward. Children, young people, true, with their biological force. The elderly, by giving them memory. But when a society loses its memory, it’s over, it’s over! It’s sad to see a society, a people, a culture that has lost its memory. … And the elderly are discarded, with attitudes behind which is hidden euthanasia, a kind of euthanasia. They are not needed, and what you do not need, you discard.

And now the crisis is so great that young people are discarded. when we think of these 75 million young people aged 25 years and under, who are “neither-nor”, neither working nor studying. They lack it. It is happening today, in this tired Europe … . In this Europe that is tired; she’s not old, no, she’s tired. I don’t know what to do.

Today, I do speak of Europe. Europe is tired. We have to help her rejuvenate, find her roots. It’s true she has disowned her roots. It ‘s true. But we need help her find them anew” (June 15, 2014, colloquialism retained)

“A society likes this bears in it a “virus of death” due to elderly persons being “discarded because they create problems” (March 4, 2015).

This “virus of death” is slowly killing vastly indebted students who can not get a degree-type job, who are captives in their parent’s house, not able to afford to buy or rent their own, waiting for that day when the roof over their heads is ‘cashed in’ by a parent who fears the State funded brick shit-house.

As Pope Francis said: it’s a ‘hidden euthanasia’; a “virus of death” released by the political servants of Mammon.

The headlines may scream of viruses that devastate bodies, but the most virulent epedemic to destroy all generations is that of capitalism discarding the ‘the undeserving poor’ through infesting the minds of the ‘unthinking class’, that great army of “what can I do about it, anyway”.

But, of course, YOU will never catch this virus, which is akin to believing that cattle fed on scrapie-infected sheep will never become  ‘mad cows’.

lenin nightingale 2016



  1. A tale of two care homes
    I have some pictures of food available in 1* care home in Co Durham. Absolutely disgusting. I reported the home to CQC and to Durham County Council Safeguarding and Environmental Health. Environmental Health told the home manager the date of their visit. Guess what? They got 5* rating. The food is normally so bad the staff don’t eat it, and that’s saying a lot Staff often go across to the chippy to get chips to feed the residents.
    Staff was at dangerous levels, Residents always had to wait for staff to get to answer the buzzers to get to them. Furniture and furnishings were threadbear. The routine was regimented to fit in with how many staff were on. They were lucky to get a bath a week, but it would be ticked off that they had! A hairdresser would visit once a week to give the regimented perm for the ladies and short back & sides for the men.
    Physio, chiropody were available on NHS if they could be booked
    All the residents were Social Services Clients
    I have also worked in a 5* home in Hampshire. First impression it oozed money, the carpets were thick and lush. Furniture and furnishings were of the highest quality. Waiting lists were long and if the person had the title of Lord, Lady or Judge they were given priority.
    There were plenty of staff No one had to wait for buzzers to be answered.
    Hairdressers were available everyday. Physio/hydrotherapy was available daily. Any other services was available on request.
    The food was superb, there were 2 chefs on during the day and one at night. whatever was wanted it was supplied. Even for the staff, a chef would give and extensive menu and ask the staff what they would like and when was their break booked for. The meal was beautifully prepared and served on a silver ( real silver) tray, the same as the residents, and staff had their breaks on time!.They had no problems getting the staff. Unfortunately I was covering holiday leave for a nurse.
    They had NO social Services Clients

    I would love to retire in the latter but for me suicide would be a better option than the first

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