A picture taken on May 27, 2015 shows patients sharing beds in a congested ward at the Nyeri County Referral Hospital.

Patients admitted to the Nyeri County Referral Hospital are sharing beds while others sleep on the floor as those available are not enough.

The Nyeri County Health Executive Secretary Charles Githinji said the number of patients seeking treatment at the hospital had increased leading to the crisis.

He said funds allocated to the hospital by the national government is not enough.

Dr Githinji appealed for an increase in the budgetary allocation to the hospital.

Sounds familiar?

But, you say, this could never happen in England’s Green and Pleasant Land (as it did in Victorian Britain); as you walk past the person sleeping rough, past the modern day versions of the ‘soup kitchens’ of the 1930’s; as London sprouts high rise apartment blocks, owned by Russian oligarchs, as investments, that remain empty; as the working class are driven out of London like latter day North American Indians were driven from their ancestral homes; to live in working class reservations of despair, beset with drug fuelled crime.

A report by David Fenton, BBC South Today, 20 November 2014, prophetically fortells the inevitable move to force families to give ‘social care’ to elderly parents, based on the doctrine of ‘individual responsibility‘. You will not be able to walk past the person sleeping on the street and hypocritically say that is nothing to do with you, at the same time as applying that doctrine to your parents. You have bitten the governments doctrinal sprat and you are the mackerel they have hooked.

A hospital is to give so-called “bed blockers” seven days to leave or face possible legal action, saying too many families are refusing to take elderly relatives home when they are fit to go.

On Wednesday, 70 patients at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital were medically fit to leave but were still on wards.

Nearly half had somewhere safe to go – either to a family home or care home.

The hospital said some families were giving spurious reasons for not taking their loved ones back.

Katie Whiteside, clinical manager for discharge services, said one family asked the hospital to “keep hold” of a relative while they took a two-week holiday in Turkey.

Eviction threat
“At the moment we have relatives coming back telling us they don’t like the decor of care homes, or they don’t like the member of staff who met them at the door,” she said.

“Sometimes they are decorating the house or having a ‘granny annexe’ built and they know that, while the patients are here, they are being fed, watered and looked after.”

Having large numbers of medically fit patients occupying beds causes problems throughout the hospital.

But, you say, this could never happen in England’s Green and Pleasant Land, as you walk past the person sleeping rough.

And you say this could never happen in England’s Green and Pleasant Land, as you swallow every damned lie about ‘public debt’ and the need for austerity.

They have you mentally hooked.

Start putting together a personal profile, so your hospital bedmate will be that ‘perfect match’.
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