Everyone Unite -EU

This piece may not strictly belong on this site- but see the connections to healthcare and politics. Otherwise, if someone can offer me an alternative site for rambiling on, it would be most welcome !

I voted OUT for the EU. Personally I believe in /out- we are still sinking. There is  a frightening future ahead of us all. Somebody on twitter did comment that there are other bodies to tackle also- including NATO for example. Any machine with too much power, is highly dangerous. But yes there is hope when I meet the many kind folk who I do not know.

My vote was nothing to do with immigration- this will occur,  whether we are in or out. Immigration has been used as a distraction, to hide the underlying issues. These include aims for a New World Order, control by USA coporations, alliance during times of war and so on. Icke, Lenin2u, Paul Craig Roberts Theirry Meyssan say it well amongst others. See also alternative news sites including 4BitNews and RINF. Myself, I put it simply. The main news will not publish such alternative news , or certainly will not promote it- this does not mean it is “Cxxx”.

Ignoring the news, and listening to the individuals who are, or may be affected; the farmers are concerned regarding their possible lack of subsidence- remember why this subsidy is needed. Farm production in the UK has been restricted. I think I will now go and buy  a herd of milking cows- look what I’ve bought home !

Some business men state that it has been easier to sell their items in Thailand than in the EU- due to the high number of EU regulations.

Talk also to the many people in the UK who cannot obtain full-time permanent jobs- including nurses, lecturers, and teachers .

The EU brings with it TTIP- privatisation of all,  and the selling of the NHS.

People- if you have more examples please inform me.

Icke/PaulCraigRoberts/ Theirry Meyssan- you are welcome to add.




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