The RCN Negotiates the End of Nursing

Lenin felt this had to be said;


In an effort to cut staffing overheads, Four Seasons said it had created the new role for care assistants (Care Home Assistant Practitioner; CHAP), who will perform some duties traditionally performed by nurses. It hopes to recruit 200 of these by the end of the year.

The propaganda:

The role is an enhanced care assistant role that will, after a period of extra training and competency assessment, provide clinical interventions to enhance the resident experience and the level of care residents receive under supervision of a registered nurse. Historically these clinical interventions would have been carried out by a registered nurse.

This new role provides promising carers with the opportunity to develop their skills to support Registered Nurses. It was developed as part of an industry-wide initiative in consultation with the Royal College of Nursing, The Association of Directors of Adult Social Care and Care England.

After successful completion of the 12-week structured programme the CHAPs will undertake routine procedures for which they have been assessed as competent, working under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. These could include, for example: taking and recording of temperature, blood pressure and respiration; moving & handling assessments; administration of simple dressings; administration of medication and prescribed nutritional support; pressure sore prevention.

To be accepted for the training programme, Care Assistants require the National Vocational Qualification in health and social care at level 3. Carers who have NVQ level 2 may be considered provided they commit to achieve NVQ level 3 within 12 months.




l. nightingale


7 thoughts on “The RCN Negotiates the End of Nursing

  1. FSHC will follow anything trendy to save money. I can name 2 FSHC homes in my area that were successful businesses but now closed down. Not because of insufficient residents but because of the cut backs that left the residents going short and the staff unable to care simply because there weren’t enough of them
    I have also seen FSHC sack 10 managers in a week then take anything up to a year to replace them, just to save money.
    The use of Care assistants, and that is what they are, to do the work of registered nurses is another money saving exercise by FSHCs
    What makes FSHC think they can succeed when the the same schemes in USA has failed.
    As far as FSHC is concerned I see another Southern Cross coming on

    • Well said !
      All very worrying and no real thought given to patients’ needs.Certainly not client-centred.All about the money…..litigation cases loom on the horizon…..

  2. I worked at a FSHC in which the non nurse manager told me that any blood-taking was done by a CA who had undertaken a course. This contributed to the active undermining particularly of targeted nurses by individuals who were only going to carry out activity according to THEIR agenda. It was not a happy sensation.

  3. The old role of the State Enrolled Nurse was perfect and retained the control and responsibility to the group who had to carry it.

  4. From Lenin;
    “lenin has found that enhanced care assistants in California have to undergo rigorous training, in the UK the RCN say it is up to the employer to provide this, it is a sham; the RCN are touting for these new enhanced care assistants at £4. 10 membership a month. This is the equivalent to 30 pieces of silver! ” Lenin Nightingale

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