This article by Lenin, has been triggered by him reading this article via Benny Goodman twitter-  See Site Mad in America.
It helps to know there are people who think similar, hence the need to acknowledge and support.
The Terrorism of Psychiatric Nursing
One example can illuminate the rotten core of the terrorist organisation euphemistically called psychiatric nursing.
Elizabeth Rosenthal (, 12 Feb. 2016) wrote of the experience of a 26 year old male student who drove into a hospital car park, hitting several cars, to seek treatment for what is euphemistically called bi-polar disorder. Once inside this haven of  care and compassion, he made the mistake of dancing naked in his room as he sang. He was coaxed into donning a gown by nursing staff, but refused to fasten it. He was not being aggressive. Staff summoned security guards, off-duty police officers, who, after shouting at and man-handling him, tasered and hancuffed him.He did not receive an apology. Instead, he was charged with resisting ‘interventions’ with ‘deadly weapons’, which included a ‘wall fixture’ and his hands.

Elizabeth Rosenthal reported that: ‘The same day … a patient with mental health problems was shot by an off-duty police officer working security at a hospital in Garfield Heights, Ohio. Last month, a hospital security officer shot a patient with bipolar illness in Lynchburg, Va. Two psychiatric patients died, one in Utah, another in Ohio, after guards repeatedly shocked them with Tasers. In Pennsylvania and Indiana, hospitals have been disciplined by government health officials or opened inquiries after guards used stun guns against patients, including a woman bound with restraints in bed‘.

52% of American medical centers reported that their security personnel carried handguns, and 47% said they used Tasers, according to a 2014 national survey.

Such mental health facilities are jails, in which people spend time without having committed any offense at all.

As with everything else in the ‘Americanisation’ of the UK, including its health care system, it is only a matter of time before such specific ‘treatments’ are meted out here. In reality, they have always been here – ECT, the barbaric passing of a jolt of electricity through the brain, is still used as a ‘treatment’ in the UK.

The punishment of people with ‘mental illnesses’, who exhibit ‘disturbed behaviour’, fits with a notion of (Calvinistic) public order and personal responsibility. To address the societal pressures which cause people to act or speak in certain ways and terms not deemed acceptable, such as providing housing, food, money, and protection from abusers, sounds like ‘entitlements’, while drug-coshing and institutionalisation sounds like (and is) ‘punishment’.

The terrorist organisation euphemistically called psychiatric nursing is a microcosm of a terrorist society, which creates victims, does not tolerate them behaving differently, funnels them toward food banks, confiscates their tents in town centres; incarcerates them in ‘psychiatric’ gulags, or dopes them to death.

Psychiatric nursing is not a zone of caring. There were always staff that cared within it, but, in my long experience of it, they were a minority among the sneering, cruel jobsworths that prowled its corridors like alsation dogs, ready to pounce on society’s victims; all within the ‘rules’, of course.

Therein is the heart of the problem – psychaitric nursing attracts rule-followers, as do prisons and the army, not necessarily those of a questioning mind and kind heart.

The problem was always one of attitude.

Long live the teachings of R.D. Laing!

Disband the uncaring and unequal society, and its army of ‘psychiatric’ nurses!

lenin n




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