The RCN Charlatans of Nursing


As long ago as 2008, a study by UCSF university in America showed that for-profit chains of nursing homes had 30% less staff than their non-profit counterparts, a figure which included employing less registered nurses. Not surprisingly, they also had the sickest residents.

The top ten for-profit organisations had 41% more deficiences than their best non-profit counterparts, including failure to prevent pressure sores, resident weight loss, falls, infections, resident mistreatment, poor sanitary conditions, etc.

For-profit organisations which were acquired between 2003 and 2008 by asset-stripping vultures, alias  private equity companies, had more deficiencies after being acquired.

The authors of this study called for tough financial sanctions for low staffing and poor quality, which, in subsequent years, have been applied in America. Fines of over 20 million dollars have been levied on nursing home chains for their corporate liability in allowing poor care in a number of their nursing homes.

This is a serious punch in the face of corporate profits, wherehas in the UK such featherweight bodies as the CQC rarely impose fines of more than £10,000, which is no more than a slap in the face with cheap tissue paper.

This anaemic regime of punishment is the creation of the corporation-owned UK government. The ultimate aim is to maximise profits for the corporations which contribute to political party funds.

In America, nurses marched in 2012 in suporting the Robin Hood tax, a half percent tax on financial transactions, which was to fund worthy causes. They marched under the banner of National Nurses United, the association of American nurses’ unions, with many wearing Robin Hood masks. They called for all medicine be made into a government monopoly.

Oh what a far cry from the UK’s corporation-loving RCN, whose leadership would collectively feint at the thought of its members marching against capitalist ownership of health care. This pack of charlatans have recently endorsed a scheme whereby care assistants in nursing homes are to be ‘trained up’ to perform nursing tasks – the result, fewer (expensive) nurses.

I use the term charlatan pointedly. A dictionary definition of charlatan (also called swindler) is a person practising quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception. This is precisely what the RCN does. It takes subscription fees from registered nurses whilst supporting schemes which lessen their number. They will do the same when such schemes reach their final goal in UK hospitals – replacing all nurses with (relatively cheap) specialist nurse technicians.

They are like the owners of a passenger ship, who urge paying customers aboard knowing that the ship has a large hole in its side. They urge the new breed of care technician to board a shiny new ship, one without a hole. These passengers will pay less, but this ship will be packed tighter than sardines. It’s all about money, and the  survival of a nursing elite which feeds from the carcass of nursing.

They are aware of a number of studies which equate private equity ownership of nursing homes with poor care, but this seems to be a side issue to them.

Such supporters of the capitalist exploitation of care will welcome the ‘diversity of options’ propaganda line when hordes of blood-sucking (political-party-donating) companies set up  MRI and CT scan outlets in shopping parks, next to Diabetic Clinics,  Emmergency Departments., and supermarkets.




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3 thoughts on “The RCN Charlatans of Nursing

  1. An NVQ certificate is not and never will be an RGN certificate.
    My GP surgery uses HCA for certain clinics, if I get any appointment with a HCA I refuse and I dont care what training they have had. I insist on seeing a nurse, a nurse practitioner or a Dr.
    I do not want and will not have inferior care from a care assistant.
    Nursing continues to be downgraded in this country, patients and residents of care homes are seen as £££ only. How much does the bed cost a night, how much is the medication, how much is the food, how much is the care.
    When everything else has been cut to the bone, cut nursing costs. Give the care assistants a few weeks training and use them instead. They dont need to be registered so if they do anything wrong they can just be sacked and not referred to NMC.
    MONEY MONEY MONEY One of the richest countries in the world and we neglect our sick, disabled and elderly while the care home providers get very very rich, rich enough to become Tory donors and the CEOs of hospitals get salaries in excess of £100,000 a year to cut things further.
    At the same time groups are springing up to advocate assisted suicide, another good way to reduce cost, just a lethal injection and the cost for that person is stopped in an instant
    Cut nursing and you cut whistleblowers

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