Nursing facilities have been underfunded for so long that any cut threatens a large-scale collapse of the system, because cuts threaten the ability of nursing home operators to service their debts, management fees, and returns to investors.

A medical and humanitarian crisis IS HERE, not coming, but HERE.

The private equity limpets who control the vast majority of care homes in the UK have been increasing the fees of their privately funded residents to continue to fund their debts, management fees, and returns to investors. Take away these add-ons and the money provided by local councils would be sufficient to meet costs.

Those that have bought into the line that cutbacks to funding have produced a crisis where hundreds of nursing homes are soon to be closed to state funded residents are ignoring the underlying political determinant – care given over to debt-infested limpets of capitalism was never going to succeed for state funded residents, who are like passengers on a train who are thrown onto the tracks to make way for more wealthy passengers, who, in turn, are jettisoned when their money runs dry.

It is all a disgusting mess created by the political idolators of the neoliberal god of profit.

Those who comment on health care, whether charities or BBC journalists, merely decribe the crisis which IS HERE, not coming, but HERE. They do not court controvery by analysing causation, for to do so would threaten their government funding and salaries. They wish to appear on tv chat shows and sit on government-run committees.

The whole debate surrounding the future of health care, whether within the NHS, home care, or nursing home sectors, is conducted within a framework of apolitical cowardice. Countless reports highlight deficiencies without decrying the system that created them.

Eject capitalism from health care.

Nationalise all care homes that cater for state funded residents. Install audio-camera devices to eradicate disgusting levels of abuse.

Throw onto the tracks the blood-sucking limpets that have attached themselves to the NHS.

Stop deliberately underfunding the NHS so as to ‘prove’ it does not work, and use this as an excuse to feed it to  blood-sucking limpets.



lenin nightingale 2016


The Necessity of Compassion

We welcome more words, and vision, from Lenin Nightingale-
Human suffering creates an emotional response in those wishing to help relieve it.

People are driven by an authentic and compassionate instinct to  help.

This instinct is central to the survival of humanity.

Darwin argued that “communities, which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members, would flourish best.”

Compassion is a naturally evolved and adaptive trait.

Compassion ensures survival because it promotes physical and mental health.

Acts of compassion are pleasurable.

Acts of compassion reduce stress.

Acts of compassion transform both the giver and receiver.

A society that constrains compassion is doomed.

Nursing that is driven by targets and not compassion is inhuman.

It demeans both the giver and receiver.

Nursing should not be driven by targets.

It should be the vanguard of political resistance to them.

lenin nightingale  2016


To Pay- Or NOT To Pay ?

Divide to rule is certainly rife in the care of older people , or indeed any vulnerable people

( see Lenin2u for more- amongst others such as Icke  ).

Imagine  a care home-

Mr Greaves pays £600 a week – the same care is give to Mrs Evans for FREE.

We all know why this occurs within the UK.

Some people seem to have various means of retaliation;

Mr Greaves demands MORE food and care – ” I have  a right- I pay “.

Mr Greaves may deliberately flout any “rules” – refuse to stop smoking in the lounge, or keep TV on full blast in his room , or demand  a bath  5 minutes before the shift ends, for example.

There have been cases of people selling their home and going on  a “spend, spend, spend”. Watch out- free care may be refused- ” If you are able to do as such ( eg holidays)- you do NOT need care”- relatives may end up paying for care.

lenin Nightingale adds- cash in your pension- spend it- the state will then REFUSE to pay for your care- (see report).

There are cases of people putting their home in the name of their offspring- this if often written about; no need to repeat it here.

Soon there will be no momey in the hand. They in power will control all assets ad how it is spent- they wil restrict access and may even limit amounts spent as with eg Greece.

“Wake up- the Government is about”

You do NOT own your money, your assets- or even your life.

Acknowledgements to the number of staff /residents/relatives  I have spoken to.