The Necessity of Compassion

We welcome more words, and vision, from Lenin Nightingale-
Human suffering creates an emotional response in those wishing to help relieve it.

People are driven by an authentic and compassionate instinct to  help.

This instinct is central to the survival of humanity.

Darwin argued that “communities, which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members, would flourish best.”

Compassion is a naturally evolved and adaptive trait.

Compassion ensures survival because it promotes physical and mental health.

Acts of compassion are pleasurable.

Acts of compassion reduce stress.

Acts of compassion transform both the giver and receiver.

A society that constrains compassion is doomed.

Nursing that is driven by targets and not compassion is inhuman.

It demeans both the giver and receiver.

Nursing should not be driven by targets.

It should be the vanguard of political resistance to them.

lenin nightingale  2016



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