To Pay- Or NOT To Pay ?

Divide to rule is certainly rife in the care of older people , or indeed any vulnerable people

( see Lenin2u for more- amongst others such as Icke  ).

Imagine  a care home-

Mr Greaves pays £600 a week – the same care is give to Mrs Evans for FREE.

We all know why this occurs within the UK.

Some people seem to have various means of retaliation;

Mr Greaves demands MORE food and care – ” I have  a right- I pay “.

Mr Greaves may deliberately flout any “rules” – refuse to stop smoking in the lounge, or keep TV on full blast in his room , or demand  a bath  5 minutes before the shift ends, for example.

There have been cases of people selling their home and going on  a “spend, spend, spend”. Watch out- free care may be refused- ” If you are able to do as such ( eg holidays)- you do NOT need care”- relatives may end up paying for care.

lenin Nightingale adds- cash in your pension- spend it- the state will then REFUSE to pay for your care- (see report).

There are cases of people putting their home in the name of their offspring- this if often written about; no need to repeat it here.

Soon there will be no momey in the hand. They in power will control all assets ad how it is spent- they wil restrict access and may even limit amounts spent as with eg Greece.

“Wake up- the Government is about”

You do NOT own your money, your assets- or even your life.

Acknowledgements to the number of staff /residents/relatives  I have spoken to.


5 thoughts on “To Pay- Or NOT To Pay ?

  1. Lenin says- Relatives will be enforced to pay for care- or provide care- or their taxes increased accordingly.See USA/China – as detailed on this site. We can say no more. “HUNT down the relatives – for care costs “. Already occurs in the USA. Option – care home closes- YOU the relative do have a choice- care for him or her at home, it will cost the 50% of the care home fee– BUT– .

    Withdraw and SPEND your pension- the state will NOT be paying for your care- be warned.

  2. 2016
    “Growing numbers of older people face increasingly high care home fees to subsidise the lower fees paid by councils for those who cannot afford to pay, a leading charity has warned.”- yes, we know. “Now, 41% of all those receiving residential care are self-funders. “-ibid.”Age UK cited the example of a woman in residential care who has Alzheimer’s disease who was billed for “an entertainer”, though her daughter said that her mother neither wanted nor received that service. ” (ibid). Where are you- Age UK ??

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