Care Home/NursingHome (If USA) bans

I am going to add this rather late coming- BBC news link here. Some have campaigned for many years against this including Lenin Nightingale, and YourVoice Matters. I am sure there are also individual staff and relatives- who have raised the issue. Wake up press. Wake up public.


See updates YourVoice matters– and The commodity of care book for further international updates.

Here is Lenin Nightingale’s comment- Lenin does not mince words-

“The care home sets the terms and the conditions, and you have to obey them.”
Like being in a dog kennel.
Rise and fight back!
Liberate everyone from their human dog kennel!
Storm these prison camps of inhumanity!
Sentence all politicians to 10 years of proper work !!”

Lenin Nightingale


4 thoughts on “Care Home/NursingHome (If USA) bans

  1. Interesting, the number of groups and individuals who now pick this issue up; many we have contacted over the last couple of years to no avail.

  2. Lenin and Carol say; we know there are some sadly legitimate cases where relatives have to be banned from the home as a last resort- comments or examples are welcome. Banning a son from visiting his dying mum, whatever the reason for the ban, is no excuse. Unless of course she requested it- but in this case, she did not.

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