Caring Community Care

Start the treble ‘C’ movement. If you need to know what to do- please ask Lenin.

In order to cut out the middlemen, who make profits on the back of home care, Lenin Nightingale proposes forming groups of carers within the community. Each person lives within walkking distance of where they live, about £8.50 a hour, cut administation costs, far less than agencies; under competition-rules LA have to accept lowest bid. Recruit people from families who support the use of cameras i care – ie use cameras in every room .

Have 7 people available- no one should work more than 4 days a week. Either 2/ 4 hours a day. Easy to set-up an off duty on that basis. If one is unwell- people agree to cover; or use  aback-upworker.

These people would deliver home-care in their own community eg voisists/shopping/washing. Key factors would need traiing eg moving and hadling- first aid.


3 thoughts on “Caring Community Care

  1. Lenin Nightingale fails to understand non-thinkers who handover their house to insurance companies etc – or pay agencies for carers £20 an hour plus- when they could employ somebody they know or trust for £8 an hour or whatever the person requests- £5 in some cases- beat the system. Beat the blighters.

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