So they are going to take your house from you ? – A proposal for an alternative.


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Caring Community Care (CCC)


Community groups of carers  set up – suggest groups of 7, self-managing- all decisions made amongst selves, cover sickness amongst selves etc, no management layer.Trial periods- of individual and carer do not get on, change  carer.

Care provides eg shopping and company, take to toilet, meals or outings.

Could offer meals delivered for extra cost.

Everybody who signs to this- must have a camera recording care/ be inspected/ keep files in central location.

Team of carers have liaison numbers for services and relatives.


Training eg informal lifting and handling, hoist.

Recruit who they know and vetted by family. All carers within 10min walking distance of that persons home.


Team up with voluntary organisations for trips etc.

Could apply for voluntary status for help to take people out.


If eg one resident each, approach family- 60% of state pension will pay one week carer- each person has 2 people allotted to them, half week each.

Set it at £8 a hour- carer gets 7.5hrs each so recipient gets 35hrs a week.

One carer covers for sickness and holidays.

Rotational shift eg sat/sun/mon/tues one week- 4on, 3on, 3off,4off

No overheads/no agency fees/no sign house off.


Is a scam to say take house from you, in exchange for care.

Lenin Nightingale


3 thoughts on “So they are going to take your house from you ? – A proposal for an alternative.

  1. There may be some districts that have such schemes ?
    Enough people in all localities who would do this but I hear shouts of regulations and red tape.

  2. Private contracts between individual people cannot be opposed- speak out self-employed people who offer visiting or shopping–

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