There are those who are mildly idiotic, a great many, for we all display that quality at times.

There are those who are very idiotic, and although their actions often induce harsh comment, we should always remember that we are all prone to being very idiotic on occassion, so judgement should be tempered.

Then, however, are those who are the fully paid up members of the Union of Idiots, whose repeated idiocy, in all its length, breadth, and width, never fails them; they never learn, for they are incapable.

Into this latter category seemingly and snugly fits NMC and RCN officials and their comments regarding the establishment of the nursing associate role.

The government inform us that the number of nursing associates will be in addition to planned nursing numbers – which have been cut, and will be slashed when nursing courses are paid for through debt.

The nursing elite inform us that nursing associates will “assist” registered graduate nurses.

This is like replacing police with cheap ‘special constables’, or an army unit with ‘reservists’; or a librarian with a ‘volunteer’.

They can not stop nursing associates being used as a cheap way to replace registered nurses. This is the end-game of neoliberal economics. The steps to this end-game are deliberately small, so as to conceal their ultimate direction.

Nursing associates will need to be regulated, of course, and therein is the 30 pieces of silver; for the NMC will extract a registration fee, and the RCN will tout for membership.

The old crew is being thrown to the sharks, gradually, almost unnoticeably, piece by piece.

The question becomes: Are NMC and RCN elites fully paid up members of the Union of Idiots?


Yet, a darker reality presents itself: they know what they are doing, and, wishing to continue to be the handmaidens of government, attendees of policy committees, and pat-on-the-back conferences, they take their pay and are nothing more than government propagandists. (As an aside, I am reliably informed that a nurse lecturer recently read out verbatim a government policy statement as if it were fact; without a semblance of analysis).

It then becomes the case that those who believe them are fully paid up members of the Union of Idiots – whether lecturers, students, or nurses.

Yet another possibility exists, to introduce the mandatory level of synthesis, for some of the nursing elite may have convinced themselves that nursing associates will only ever be a top-up to the ‘real thing’; the sort of Blairite delusion which had Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction.

Whatever, nursing and the NHS is finished if you do not fight at a grass root level, and UNITE in a militant opposition to the forces of destruction and their Judas plague of idiots.
comrade lenin nightingale 2017



  1. Brilliant Lenin- could not be simpler. “Union of Idiots”. We see it- why can few others ? “The old crew is being thrown to the sharks”- yes NURSES.

  2. Lenin Nightingale “The NMC and RCN, in allowing associate nurses, are filling a Trojan horse to destroy nursing” .

  3. This is the same as teaching ‘assistants’ who go to ‘college’, get the certificate and expected to actually teach children at a much lower pay rate than qualified teachers.
    It does not work, the ones who lose out with teachers are the children who fall behind & never catch up. In nursing it is the patients that lose out with nursing ‘associates’ who will by stealth be expected to tak wards. They will have the certificates, the NMC registration but not the indepth knowledge of the RGN.
    In short every generation is being sold short by the government.

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