The NMC- The Chains of Silence

Lenin Nightingale writes;

Those economically bound, are automatically bound to the chains of silence.

One way of ensuring silence in nursing, is to employ nurses who were trained overseas- a gateway to poor care. RCN- how many cases of poor care have been reported to you by nurses who were NOT trained in the UK ?

Dear NMC- will you please comment on this issue, and supply statistics ?

Who is buttering the NMC’s bread ?? Or, in other words, who is paying for their biscuits, coffee, and conferences ?


3 thoughts on “The NMC- The Chains of Silence

  1. I can’t believe I have only just found out about you – please read my blog about my situation and those many others. I would love to get more involved in raising awareness even if it doesn’t help my case. Many thanks Cathryn (
    /Users/andrewwatters/Downloads/Life_s never simple_.docx

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