The management machines are persecuting workers, forcing people who have worked on a particular ward for years to ‘relocate’ to another area, and to other ‘types’ of work: A care assistant is offered  a job as a cleaner of floors and toilets. Refusal to submit to these barborous demands leads to dismissal.

There is an extra barb to face : These long-time contracted workers are give Herculian tasks to perform. They are asked to perform the work of three; the aim being to force them to resign, so that workers on six moth contracts can replace them, both in their original places of work and in their new environment.

The ( six-monthers) do not  have the same standards of pay and conditions (including holiday entitlement), and are subject to continuous review. Before the end of their fourth review, leading to 2 years of employment, with consequent rights, they are sacked, so  the next ‘batch’ of management machine fodder is recruited.

Such ‘delights’ do not  just apply to care assistants; those ‘workhorses’ of the NHS- the porters- are as monitored as tagged criminals. Thier every step is traced. They know where they are ; how fast they get from A to B. League tables suddenly appear on notice boards. No names, just numbers, but everyone knows who is who.

How are such things known ? During a recent stay in a major hospital, I was repeatedly told of such practices.

A question arises: As vile as the Government-led attacks on workers’ rights, management toe-rags are but Government executioners.  Where has been the voice of unions ? Why have they been silent on the vile practices that are that are largely unknown ? Is there one ounce of backbone in the jelly of their spines ?

Organise. Recruit. Srike. Fight them everywhere. To the death.




  1. The word “union” that once applied to the miners union – is now the wrong term. We now have high paid organisations/managers of organisations, taking money off people who do not protect them, and do not improve working conditions. Lenin Nightingale

  2. money, money money—

    Yes we all know the sayings;

    “Money is the root of all evil”

    We need money to live

    The more money- the richer and more powerful we are-

    “We do not have any money for the NHS”- it is a threat-money don’t exist !

    BUT money does not exist- a click of a PC button- “ye- we got 1 million etc”. Money is the means of keeping the elite in power- and restricting the majority.

    See Paul Craig Roberts or Lenin Nightingale – hard to comprehend when you are filled with trash of “it needs balancing with gold–”

    How did they bail out Greece ??

    “There are no pockets in shrouds” some say- too right

    Milionaires may give much money away – to ease the soul–

    Whilst many people starve for the lack of it, businesses fold, or charities struggle— like the Indian Caste system– you belong where you are born—only the elite have cash- they who are poor the rich may say, deserve it “we have earnt our food and our shoes–“- await the downfall folk— one step out of line and you are with the majority-. Never mind the punishment- withdrawal of benfeits -etc.

    Yet they who have little, are so motivated by the cash they may earn– they too become driven by this non- existant thing. “Ye we can have food today !” Tragic.

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