Humans have lived in-coexistence with viruses since the Dawn of Time, as oaks to mistletoe, but a new class of genetically engineered viruses threaten the existence of their human hosts. Then, why unleash such a potential threat? The answer is easy – follow the money to find the reason. Genetically engineered viruses are being loaded into vaccines and justified to a gullible public on the lie of them being useful and safe, in the same way as genetically engineered food crops.

The gullible public are the result of generations of schooling in which the central plank as been uniformity of thought; an unthinking acceptance of the government line in what constitutes the truth. If “they” say it’s good for me, give me ten bags full, baah this breed of sheep.

They have been woefully mislead. Humans are being experimented on by big pharma corporations with the full blessing of governments, many members of which have a financial interest in the vaccine industry.

Humans live in the Age of Corporatism. You can not understand anything that happens without placing it in the political context of its time. Understand this and you recognise the enemy, which, once laid bare for all to see, can then be overthrown.

The following is a brief summary of the vaccination appocalypse facing humans.

You can get sick by coming into contact with a vaccinated person. (1) (2).

The live virus they have been given can contaminate others through body fluids – blood, urine, faecal matter etc. – including transmission through sneezing.

Viruses are microbes that can only multiply by injecting their genetic material into the cells of their animal host.

Viruses have constantly evolved to evade the immune response of their host, creating new genes that effect evolutionary change, increasing the number of resistant people with strong immune systems.

Viruses, bacteria and other microbes play an important role in preparing a baby developing inside the womb for survival outside the womb. (3).

On the negative side, viruses are particularly dangerous when they evolve to to infect new animal species.

This is a very real danger when drug companies create ‘live virus’ vaccines by repeatedly passing a virus through such as chicken embryos, monkey and dog kidney cells (and human fetal and lung cells), until the weakened virus will not make a person seriously, but will still stimulate a strong enough response to produce vaccine acquired antibodes. (4)

They do not tell you what is inside the ‘vaccine packet’, who would have it if they did?

The danger lies in the possibility of ‘live virus’ vaccines mutating and regaining virulence (including the ability to damage the brain), and transmitting to those in close contact with the recipient, including those who share a crowded bus or train journey; children at school, etc. (5).

There is a vast gap in scientific knowledge about the range of effects on humans from the widespread use of multiple live virus vaccines. A reason for heir continued use is that they more closely mimic natural infection through antibody responses than inactivated (killed) vaccines.

There is a very serious risks from the manufacture of what are termed ‘recombinant virus vectored vaccines’, to combat diseases such as Ebola. These use genetically modified viruses that are used to carry microbial DNA into cells of the host’s body. (6). Another example is the genetic engineering of live measles virus to carry HIV 1 antigens. The risks are twofold – transmission of infectious virus by the recently vaccinated; the ability of vaccine viruses to recombine with other viruses to produce new, deadly hybrid viruses. (7).

Drug companies are genetically modifying viruses to create new live virus vaccines, including ones for herpes simplex virus (HSV), cholera, and multiple types of influenza virus.

Yet, “Genetically engineered or modified viruses (GMVs) are being increasingly used as live vaccine vectors and their applications may have environmental implications that must be taken into account in risk assessment and management processes. In all cases there may be circumstances that enable GMVs to jump species barriers directly, or following recombination with naturally occurring viruses. All the different applications may, to varying extents, represent release or unintended escape of GMVs into the highly varying ecosystems.” (8).

Contaminating others after vaccination with live virus vaccines may continue for days, weeks or months, depending upon the vaccine and the health of the individual. Immunocompromised people are at risk for vaccine strain polio paralysis and for chronic vaccine strain polio infection. (9). Public health officials acknowledge this danger, but say that it rarely causes serious complications, and the benefits of using live virus vaccines outweigh the risks. (10).

A riposte to this is that there is no widespread surveillance and testing for infection among populations routinely being given multiple doses of live virus vaccines, including measles vaccine. (11).

Therefore, it is not known if the transmission of live viruses vaccines is causing undiagnosed or misdiagnosed health problems, especially among people with severe immune deficiencies. Many people show mild or no clinical symptoms when infected (12), but this may be hiding undetected neurological changes.

Outside of the medical community, there is little awareness that you can be infected with live virus vaccines without having any outward symptoms.

In general, there is little awareness, just a blind acceptance of the totalitarian line.

Combine with revolutionary hearts to spread a different message.

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