Death- WHO decides ?

I am going to add this here- it is unfinished but important. I hope folks will contribute – speeds up process and I do not care  a fig who the hell wrote it.

Historically – medical professionals have always decided when to cease or commence treatment. There historically have been cases of increasing morphine or ceasing food and fluids. In UK as we know, highlighted by LCP , which was used to sanction such actions.

Whilst there may be some cases where sadly, anymore antibiotics etc would be ineffective- whose decision is this ? Withdrawing fluids is an awful way to die.

When sips can be taken surely they should be given ?? I ask you.

Many staff lie and say they have had a meeting with relatives- some indeed may well have done but who are the relatives? Are they manipulated by medical staff ? Are they desperate to obtain their inheritance- never actually visiting the patient ? (yes- there are some. ) Pof A managers= we beg you to asses folk with P of A every year- but you will not do so- it suits politics.This is not restricted to the UK—-

Possible bias in such decisions are inevitable- , there is no funding, doctors cost money, we are Catholic and preserve life – yes the decisions CAN swing either way.

The patient will make no contribution to society if improves (Luther)

The patient would hate to be in a nursing home. There is no care.

In USA more so- financial aspects are increased as the patient may well be unable to pay for care anyway- even medicare withdraws payment after so long (ref).
UK etc– keep them alive in the care home- it gets the owner so many hundreds a week!

What actual cases are there ?

The lady who merely went for a medical assessment

The old gentleman who had a chest infection

People= we only ask for humanity- there is none.Kerching.


2 thoughts on “Death- WHO decides ?

  1. There is actually a great group on facebook that addresses all these comments- I am sure it is called LCP. I no longer waste time with social media due to hateful comments or blockages (SEWAGE !).As I think of more sources – of course I will add them here. I do not believe in re-inventing the wheel. Needless to say- some awful cases continue– many behind the back door. Read it with the political background- see such authors as David Icke whoever he is – Paul Craig roberts- Tom Pain Rises- etc. If I am correct- there are a few groups on facebook– do not restrict the PRINCIPLE to the UK. Once you get a handle of that- you see it all.

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